A Brief History of The Bessemer Area Historical Society


The first informal meeting was held on December 15, 2001. This meeting led to a an organizational meeting at which time temporary officers were elected. The following mission statement was adopted.

Mission Statement:

      The purpose of this organization is to promote and preserve the history of the Bessemer area. Historical materials shall include any items pertaining to the history and the heritage of this area, and said items will be shared and displayed in a museum setting.

      We filed our Articles of Incorporation with the State of Michigan as a non-profit organization, the effective date being March 27, 2002 Then we applied to the IRS for status as tax exempt organization. This was approved with a starting date of March 27, 2002. This means that we are recognized as a 501 ( c ) ( 3 ) organization by the IRS and donations to us are tax deductible.

     The building for our museum became a reality thanks to the Bessemer Downtown Development Authority. We signed a lease on June 30, 2003 and began renovating the building to suit our needs. The amount of volunteer help and the support given to us by our members is beyond belief. The building has been repainted, new lighting installed, the entire floor has been retiled and a suspended ceiling installed in the office portion. The DDA installed new windows and new brickwork on the front of the building.

Our current officers are:

Ed Sandene,   President
Catherine McLean,   Vice President
Lou Kalan,   Treasurer & Newsletter
Dolores Sandene,    Membership director
Miriam Rund,   Secretary
At large Directors:  John McLean & Dan Cvengros
Our historian,  Fran McCarthy