Meetings are held on the 3rd Thursday of the month
at 2pm at the Historical Center (except December)

Board Members: Ed Sandene, President
Dan Cvengros, Vice President
Dick Steiger Treasurer
Janet Gheller, Secretary

At Large: Lou Kalan, Membership -
Connie Pricco, James Gheller and Myron Re.
Bessemer Area Historical Society

Organized January 19, 2002
4th Quarter, 2014
PO Box 148, 403 So Sophie Street, Bessemer, MI 49911

Website -
Replica of the Garrison Flag flown at Fort
McHenry during the War of 1812. Also inspired
Francis Scott Key to write the Star Spangled
Banner. Bessemer received the flag on loan for
one day in June for the Opening Ceremonies of
the New Bessemer Ethnic Park.

The Heritage Center ended the 2014 Season after Labor Day Weekend on a high note with a successful
summer season that had quite a few visitors come through the center and many requests for information. We
started the season with the opening of the new Ethnic Park downtown. It was a huge success. The 4tof
July and the Pumpkin Fest brought in many new visitors. We also received some very nice donations. Thank
you to everyone!

In late fall we received four photos that arrived from a person in Colorado who found them in their basement
after purchasing a home. The photos were originals of the Colby Mine in
1889. One was a great photo of all the men who worked there at the time. We now have All four large
reprints on display, so next time you come visit, be sure to check them out.

Smithsonian Museum on Main Street Exhibit
“The Way We Worked” April 4 - May 31
The Bessemer Area Historical Society has agreed to participate as an event location during the
Smithsonias Main Street Exhibit that will be displayed at  the DAP in downtown Ironwood this year from April
4 to May 31. Local area businesses,  towns, and other Historical Society’s  throughout the Gogebic/Iron
Range will participate with special tours, events and displays helping to tell the story of “The Way We Worked”.
There is the potential for large numbers of people coming to the area for this very special Exhibit. We encourage
all our members and friends to get to the exhibit and visit the Heritage Center at that time.

The Heritage Center will participate in the form of a weekly presentation on Mining and Logging in Michigan and
the Gogebic Range area each Friday at 1pm at the Heritage Center Here in Bessemer.
We will start with the Mining Presentation on Friday April 10th by Ed Sandene to be followed up with the Logging
presentation by Dick Steiger on Friday April 17th.These presentations will alternate each Friday through May with
the last two weeks around Memorial Day weekend as a combined presentations of both. The Center will be open
only on Fridays for these presentations.

There will be one additional day of a logging and Mining presentations at 3pm on April 18 in conjunction with the
Bessemer Women’s Clubs’ events that will include a special Tea, Vintage Fashion Show and a Quilt Show at the
Memorial Building that day. These local events will help to bring more people to Bessemer that day. All events scheduled in
the area will be promoted through the efforts of the local committee working on the Smithsonian Exhibit.

- Connie Pricco, Editor