Organized January 19, 2002
2nd  Quarter, 2009 - Volume 6, Issue 2

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Notice of Membership Meetings
July 16 at 2:00 PM 
August 20 at 2:00 PM

August 29 2:00 PM/4:00 PM -
Bessemer Birthday Party

September 12 at 11:00 PM - Annual Meeting at Elk & Hound
Officers and Directors

President - Ed Sandene
Vice President - Catherine McLean
Treasurer/Editor - Lou Kalan
Secretary - Janet Gheller
Membership - Dolores Sandene
Directors at Large-
Dan Cvengros
James Gheller
Historian - Fran McCarthy

The Range Art Association will hold their annual art show at the Heritage Center during the Fourth of July celebration. We are inviting you to visit us there, and enjoy the work of local artists that will be on display.

If you wish to honor a member of your family or friend,we have a "We Remember" plaque at the Heritage Center where their names can be inscribed. Contact any board member or docent at the center. telephone numbers are:
667-0743, 663-4871 or 663-4091.

As our membership grows and people's interest in their past increases, we find that many inquiries reach us concerning former residents and relatives. This leads to research into Bessemer's history. If anyone is interested in doing this research, please contact our president, Ed Sandene at

The officers and directors of the Historical society express our sympathies and thanks to the (Richard) Sofio family. We also want to thank Richard's friends who made contributions to the Society in his memory. Richard's name will be added to our "We Remember" plaque.

In late winter, Garrison Keillor wrote of how his brother's death left him bereaved, but that in many ways his brother was still with him, and he was comforted....... He saw him in a hundred places, and his words found an echo in my heart. We see a turn of the head, a smile, an unbroken stride, a mannerism and our departed ones are with us for a moment....we have again brother, sister child, parent, friend. And our hearts are glad that we once had them in our lives, and now we have them again, caught in these moments, when others bring them to mind.

Now, at May's end, we bring our floral tributes to place at their final resting places, and memories flood us here,too. They are not forgotten, and we take with us, and carry always the richness that they added to our lives.

At the Heritage Center, we strive to maintain the collective memory of all that has gone before and made our community what it is. All the loved ones that we remember are a part of that past,and share in the heritage that is ours. We thank you for your support of our endeavors in preserving our unique and shared past.

We are looking forward to the Range Art Association holding their annual art show at the Heritage Center during the Fourth of July celebration. They are inviting other local artists,  who are nonmembers, to display with them, and the art will be on view June 29 through July 6. There will be volunteers there to talk to people, and answer questions. This is the 50th year of their organization, so there will be videos, etc, depicting their history.

On July 3, they will count popular choice votes, and awards will be presented. This is a wonderful opportunity to view the work of talented people in our community, and we hope that you will join us during this time. And, as always, we will be serving refreshments.

Catherine McLean , vice-president