August 2015-2nd & 3rd Quarter Newsletter,
PO Box 148, 403 So Sophie Street, Bessemer, MI 49911
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Photo of donated items inside the Bessemer
Heritage Center. Anyone remember dancing
to records on an old Phonograph?
Officers and Directors: President-Ed Sandene,
Vice President-Dan Cvengros,
Treasurer-Dick Steiger
Secretary - Myron Re,
Director at large - Connie Pricco
Upcoming Meetings, Annual Meeting September 17, 4:30pm at the Legion, 2pm-
October15 & November 19
“In the Good Old Summer Time..” Ah, Summer, remember the days when you played outside all day,
went swimming in the nearest pond or got a ride to your favorite lake or the Ramsey Park? We biked
with friends, went fishing at the Black River, played “kick the can round the corner” climbed the bluff
or trees? Some of us worked, others just played cards, & marbles or made up games, put on backyard
shows and used our imagination. Imagine that! Sundays we went to church and had family picnics…at
least that’s what I remember. I hardly see children playing outside these days. Although camping,
swimming and picnics are still in vogue!! Yay!!
Here at the Heritage Center, we’ve been going steady. First with our extra hours in April and May with
“The Way We Worked” events. Then, Memorial weekend was busy as we continued with our live
mining and lumber presentations by Ed and Dick. The July 4th week was fun! We’ve had over 175
people sign our book (as of this writing). And we hope to see more in the coming weeks.  We
encourage everyone to visit as often as possible and we do wish we could be open more often, but we
lack the volunteers needed. Please contact us if you are interested in volunteering or would like to
serve on our board. We’d love to have you! Contact any board member or send an email via our

In News, we recently joined the Historical Society of Michigan
<> where we will be included in the historic Michigan travel guide and a
listing in the Michigan History Directory plus a direct link from their website to ours and more. 
Also, the Downtown Development Association has contracted a local sculpture artist to create a life-
size Mining figure which will be made out of various tools and eventually be placed in a spot in town to
honor our early history.  We look forward to seeing it and thank the DDA for their thoughtful
September brings in falling leaves and colors, football and our Annual Meeting to be held September
17th at 4:30 pm at the American Legion where they always have a spaghetti dinner offered.  The sauce
is made by our very own board member Myron Re. It’s delicious, so come for the meeting and stay for
the pasta!! You’re all welcome. We will close out our season after Labor Day weekend but will open
again Sept 25-26 during Bessemer’s Pumpkin Festival
All I can say is that it goes too fast, and the next thing you know we’re covered in snow! But
remember, we do continue to have meetings, make plans, answer questions, look up local historical
information and as always, accept donations. 
STAY WELL!  Connie Pricco

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