Organized January 19, 2002
2nd/3rd Quarter, 2013 -
Volume 10, Issue 2

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Bessemer Area Historical Society
Notice of Membership Meetings
September 14 -11:00 AM Annual Meeting at Kinda Kountry Kafe
September 28 - 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM -
October 17 - 2:00 PM Meeting
November 21- 2:00 PM Meeting
December - No Meeting

Officers and Directors
President - Ed Sandene
Vice President - Dan Cvengros
Treasurer - Dick Steiger
Secretary - Janet Gheller
Directors at Large-
James Gheller
Lou Kalan - Membership
Connie Pricco - Editor

..   The summer of 2013 may end up being one of the shortest summers in recent time but that did not stop the ongoing “change” in the Bessemer area.

    Once again, a building in downtown Bessemer has met its demise with the wrecking crew. The Sunshine Laundromat at 113 E. Longyear takes its place as only a memory in Bessemer history. The building was also once the home of “John the Tailor” and the Gogebic County Federal Credit Union, to name a few. A new laundromat is currently being constructed along US 2.

    Mary Street is also undergoing a “change” with new blacktop and sidewalks from Moore Street to Sophie Street and soon to be followed by the new Ethnic Commons Park. There are other projects across the Gogebic Range that are all parts of an ongoing “change” that is meant to benefit our way of life.

   An article in the local newspaper recently brought to my attention just how much “change” our area has gone through in the past 50 years. The public school system, including Ironwood, Bessemer and Wakefield-Marenisco, was the subject of the article. The enrollment numbers were given and the talk of consolidation among the districts was discussed.

The total enrollment at the end of the 2012-2013 school year was 1,661 students and 5 actual school buildings were being utilized for public education. This prompted me to research the archives at the Heritage Center where we have a Gogebic Range Area Study from 1960. The numbers for the same area covered were obviously quite larger. The total enrollment at the end of the 1960-1961 school year was 5,219 students with 19 buildings being used. Our local economy has gone through quite a “change” in the past 50 years. The Historical Society plans on following the “change” for the next 50 years and beyond.

   The BAHS was part of a new event during the 4th of July celebration in Bessemer. The Declaration of Independence was read on the steps of the Gogebic County Courthouse by three of our members, along with the Mayor of Bessemer. A small crowd gathered to listen and the event was an overall success. As usual, we had many visitors at the Heritage Center during the week long 4th of July celebration. We look forward to Pumpkinfest weekend to welcome many more visitors through our doors.

   We would like to be current with all of our members’ email addresses. If you have an email address, go to our website and use the “contact us” button and leave your name and email address so we can update our records. Some email addresses have been coming back as “non-deliverable”.

   The annual meeting is on September 14th at the Kinda Kountry Kafe in Bessemer. We will welcome any new ideas, suggestions, stories, donations, etc. If you cannot make the meeting, drop us a line in the mail or contact us on the website.

Dan Cvengros - Vice President BAHS