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I would like to borrow a few years in history from the pages of the Bessemer, Michigan Centennial Souvenir Edition published in 1984 by the Centennial Committee. Recently, we received a donation from Richard Vittone on behalf of Vivian Coleman of two scrapbooks that were made by the committee while organizing the Centennial. I chose the years 1926 through 1929 to highlight some interesting  facts. 

1926 . . . 
R. A. March Company purchased the ice business from Paul Massie. Grocery and meat stores have instituted the custom of closing Wednesday afternoons for the summer months. 
The need for a poundmaster is evident due to the large number of cattle running loose on streets, roads and lawns. 

1927 . . . 
Bessemer has 511 listed telephones. 
The city council approves the purchase of a new horse for the city work team. Because of failing health, the old horse will be traded in for $50.00 towards a new one for $200.00.  Twenty boys and their dog teams competed in the annual dog races on Lead Street under the auspices  of the Rex Theater

1928 . . . 
Two outdoor skating rinks have been provided, one at the city pump pond and the other at the Yale  pond. 

1929 . . . 
On May 3, Bessemer had the first movie talkie on the Range as .announced by D. J. Kulasavicz of the Rex Theater. 
It was reported that in the first eight days of June, five frosts occurred with temperatures of 27 degrees. Snow and sleet was noted on July 12 and a total of eight thunderstorms. 
Hard times  but children didnít know it then. Drawing names at school and the price of the
gift was five cents, although 10 cents is permissible. Five cents and ten cents bought painted alphabet blocks, puzzles, tops and pencil boxes. Receiving a handkerchief, no matter how pretty, was the worst thing. 

Please pass this newsletter on to your children or grandchildren to give them a bit of a history lesson. 

The Heritage Center has been busy this summer with many out of town visitors. The old Bessemer City ledgers have been well researched by many visitors. These ledgers date back to 1887 and are records of the city clerk, treasurer, health officer, water department, tax roll, register of electors, criminal docket, civil docket and many more topics related to city business. 

We still have some open spots on our We Remember plaque. For a donation, you can honor your family member, friend or loved one. Please contact us through our website for more information. 

Dan Cvengros, Vice President BAHS 

Note: We apologize for the delay in this years second quarter newsletter and have combined it with the 3rd quarter.