Organized January 19, 2002
1st  Quarter, 2009 - Volume 6, Issue 1

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Notice of Membership Meetings

April 16 at 2:00 PM 
May 21 at 2:00 PM
June 18 at 2:00 PM

Officers and Directors

President - Ed Sandene
Vice President - Catherine McLean
Treasurer/Editor - Lou Kalan
Secretary - Janet Gheller
Membership - Dolores Sandene
Directors at Large-
Dan Cvengros
James Gheller
Historian - Fran McCarthy

The Range Art Association will hold their annual art show at the Heritage Center during the Fourth of July celebration. We are inviting you to visit us there, and enjoy the work of local artists that will be on display.

If you wish to honor a member of your family or friend,we have a "We Remember" plaque at the Heritage Center where their names can be inscribed. Contact any board member or docent at the center. telephone numbers are:
667-0743, 663-4871 or 663-4091.

      During the winter months, we had an opportunity to visit with a former Bessemer resident, who, as a young bride, moved to Brazil with her husband, and spent her entire life there.

    I, with my heart caught in this valley, was amazed. How did someone leave their country, and spend their life, learning new ways, and speaking another language?

     And then I thought of our grandparents and parents, who came to this rocky terrain in their pursuit of a new life. They left old established cultures, and made their way to a remote settlement where deep underground mines would provide their livlihood.

    They came with their old world courtesies and traditions, and while they struggled with the new language they would all have to learn, they reared their children to be upright citizens in this new land. In my mind's eye, I can see them....reverent in their churches; working their gardens in the evening hours; relaxing at socials, and lapsing into their native languages as they conversed with old friends.

      They have given us a heritage that we can be proud of..their industry, courage and resilience enabled us to enjoy this community and way of life that they so arduously created for us.

     In our Heritage Center, are the artifacts that remind us of those pioneers, and visitors are often prompted by them to recall parents, grandparents, and friends, and they share their stories with us. We are linked by our past memories, and our desire to record, preserve and honor the memory of these sturdy people.

We thank you for your support which allows us to continue in our efforts to create a lasting memorial.

Catherine McLean , vice-president