Organized January 19, 2002

1st  Quarter, 2008 - Volume 5, Issue 1
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Notice of Membership Meetings

April 17 at 2:00 PM
May 15 at 200 PM
June 19 at 2:00 PM
at the Bessemer Heritage Center

Officers and Directors

President - Ed Sandene
Vice President - Catherine McLean
Treasurer/Editor - Lou Kalan
Secretary - Janet Gheller
Membership - Dolores Sandene
Directors at Large-
Dan Cvengros
James Gheller
Historian - Fran McCarthy

The days lengthen and our hearts lift with thoughts of Spring. The south wind brings promises of verdant grass, wildflowers on the hillside, and days of leisure and sunshine.

And on the wind, come memories of other Springs...the Aprils of our youth, when the walk to school was never long enough, as pussy willows beckoned to us from the roadside, and the swollen creeks lured us to their banks. And, oh, the joy of marbles won on muddy shoulders of the road!

Sharing these memories brings back the happiness of those carefree days, and the remembrance of Bessemer as it was then. Many of you join us at the Heritage Center, and tell of your recollections, adding to the verbal history of our area. We hope that a great number of you can find the time to visit us during the days that we are open in the summer months, or attend the special events we hold throughout the year. We have a shared heritage and a shared desire to preserve our history and our memories.
And, again, our gratitude goes out to each of you, for enabling us to maintain the repository of our heritage.

Catherine Mclean, vice- president