June 2016 1st Quarter Newsletter,
PO Box 148, 403 So Sophie Street, Bessemer, MI 49911
Website: Http://www.bessemerhistoricalsociety.com

The Bessemer Area Historical Society is open for another season. We thought it would be nice to remind everyone who we are and what we do. Our
mission statement is as follows, “The purpose of this non-profit organization is to promote and preserve the history of the Bessemer area. Historical
materials should include any items pertaining to the history and the heritage of this area, and said items will be shared in a museum setting”
We have many individual sections in our building to display items that have been donated by many generous folks. Our display sections include:
business, education, mining & logging, farming/recreational, clothing, military, home & family and a research area. Two large glass display cases are
also filled with artifacts and various pictures. Another large portion of the floor plan includes over 100 old city ledgers dating as far back as 1888. 
By far the most used and appreciated display is our big screen TV on which numerous dated slideshows can be viewed. Our mining and logging slide
shows get great reviews from locals as well as out of town guests. Near the entrance to the Heritage Center is a collection of local history books by
local author Bruce Cox. Our research area includes three large filing cabinets full of local history reference materials and numerous vintage local
photos. We are currently working on setting up a microfilm viewer to use with the recently donated film rolls of the back issues from the Bessemer
We are also currently going through a donation of actual paper back issues from the former Pick & Axe newspaper. Although internet service is not
currently available, most of our board members will research on their own time if a particular question is asked but the answer is
not immediately available. We have done research for many individuals in the United States as well as other countries.
Our website (www.bessemerhistoricalsociety.com <http://www.bessemerhistoricalsociety.com>) keeps us in touch with these
folks wherever they may be. We also have been a part of social medial for over two years now with our Facebook page.
Because of the vast audience covered by social media, some of the research has spread to other towns and areas of Gogebic
County. We also offer the opportunity for families to honor their loved ones by purchasing a tile on our “We Remember” plaque.
The list goes on and on what is available to see and things we can do.
Our upcoming events include our annual reading of the Declaration of Independence during the 4th of July festivities. We are
also hoping to participate with an Upper Peninsula labor organization in honoring past workers here on the Gogebic Range. Our
volunteers are also taking part in the effort to make the local non-motorized trail a big success as it passes through Bessemer
this fall on the former Soo Line Railroad grade. We are helping create a wonderful attraction along the side of that trail that
should be a joy for all to see and appreciate.
We are open Friday and Saturday from 1 to 4 pm. During the 4th of July week we will be open daily from 10 am - 5 pm. If you have
a group and need a special time to come and see us, contact us and see if we can make arrangements for you.

2016 Open Summer Hours
Fridays and Saturdays 1-4pm
4th of July Blast-Daily 10-5pm
June 27 thru July 4th
Labor Day Weekend   1-4pm  September 
2nd thru  5th 
Pumpkin Fest 10-5pm   Sept. 24

Ed Sandene, President - Dan Cvengros, Vice President
- Richard Steiger, Treasurer-
Myron Re, Secretary
Directors-Connie Pricco, Jim Rouse and Faye Racovitis