1st Quarter Newsletter-May 2015 PO Box 148, 403 So Sophie Street, Bessemer, MI 49911 Website: www.bessemerhistoricalsociety.com
Officers and Directors:

President - Ed Sandene
Vice President - Dan Cvengros
Treasurer - Dick Steiger
Secretary - Myron RE
Director at large - Connie Pricco
Upcoming Membership Meetings
2pm: May 21, June 18, July 16,
August 20.
It’s been a very busy time this April and May at the Bessemer Heritage Center. In conjunction with the Smithsonian’s
Exhibit and Theme “The Way We Worked”(TWWW) the Heritage Center has been open Friday and Saturday presenting Mining
and Logging Narrated Slide Presentations at 1pm Mining by Ed Sandene and Logging by Dick Steiger. We are very happy to
report that these presentations have been well attended especially on April 18th when the Bessemer Women’s Club also put on
an old fashioned Tea and Vintage Fashion Show at the City Hall. That Day we had over 50+ people visit. We are continuing the
live presentations through the end of May and encourage others to come. We also had the annual visit and presentations given
to the Washington School 3rd graders who always make it a special occasion.

The Heritage Center has had a bit of reorganizing for better viewing of our displays & findiinformation.Old books and
journals are being labeled and as always Dan Cvengros has done and continues to do

a wonderful job with display and identification. We will remain open Friday and Saturday afternoons for the Season now thru
Labor Day and the Pumpkin Fest so please stop in to see and learn more about our wonderful Bessemer Area History.

Bessemer Area 4th of July Activities will be another big week for us at the Historical Society. We will be doing the live
reciting of the Declaration of Independence again this year at the Ethnic Park at 4pm on July 2nd. And we’ll be open with longer
hours throughout the Festival Week.

We have a new board member to the Historical Society. Myron Re has joined the board as Secretary. Thank you for
volunteering and participating in keeping the past alive. Welcome!

Trivia Corner~

.100 years ago in 1915 the Mayor was W.J Trevarthan, a cooperative creamery was established in Bessemer, an addition
s built to the courthouse and Schools, churches and large gatherings were closed for a time due to the epidemic of Diphtheria,
Scarlet fever, Measles and Chicken pox. Also, it was reported that a huge crowd gathered in Bessemer at the C & NW Railroad
Depot to Cheer Bessemer boys as they left for World War 1.

Ed Sandene and Dick Steiger
visitors who attended presentations
by Ed and Dick.)