Organized January 19, 2002
1st  Quarter, 2010 -
Volume 7, Issue 1
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Notice of Membership Meetings

April 15 at 2:00 PM
May 20 at 2:00 PM
June 17 at 2:00 PM

Officers and Directors

President - Ed Sandene
Vice President - Catherine McLean
Treasurer/Editor - Lou Kalan
Secretary - Janet Gheller
Membership - Dolores Sandene
Directors at Large-
Dan Cvengros
James Gheller
Historian - Fran McCarthy

Perhaps this word is indicative of the spirit that permeates America, but I have come to think of it as one of the defining qualities of the people who inhabit our little corner of the world. The word is "push."

It comes so often into the comversations of people in our community facing adversities. A serious surgery, and they push to recover; a loss of a loved one and they push to become a part of life again. Always, they push to overcome the hardships that life sometimes sends us.

That "push," too, must have impeled our community from its earliest days. The miners must have called on it to descend into the depths they did to earn a living for their families. Railroad workers,farmers, shopkeepers, parents....all must have pushed themselves to achieve the quality of life that we were fortunate to enjoy in our early years.

And that "push" has led many of the children of those eary settlers to accomplish much in our area, and the world. We proudly list doctors, businessmen, authors, teachers, artists, musicians,engineers, entrepreneurs and countless others who have gone on to lead lives of dignity and fulfillment.

In these winter months,when our valley lies beautiful beneath its mantle of white,we push the snow into mounds and banks, and with lifting hearts, push onward to Spring.

We also push to maintain our community, and preserve its past. To all of you, the citizens in our towns and those who support us from afar, go our gratitude and good wishes.

Catherine McLean, vice-president