Bessemer Historical Society         Gogebic Range City Directories 1882-1947
1928  Bessemer City, Michigan 
             From the
Gogebic Range city  Directories

1928 Bessmer City
A thru J
Abelman, Abraham married Longyear st merch g/1
    Abelman, Sadie B clerk home
    Abelman, Rose home
    Abelman, Joseph store mgr home
    Abelman, Maurice clerk home
    Abelman, Frank clerk home
    Abelman, Dorothy milliner home
    Abelman, Alice student Appleton Wis
Abelman Dept Store
Aberson, Rhoda N Sophie st teacher
Adam, Daniel married Clayburg st hoisting eng g/1 b/2
Adams, Peter married Silver & N Sophie st pumpman g/3 b/2
    Adams, Edward L teamster home
      Adams, Joseph see foreman Gile Wis
      Adams, Thomas home
      Adams, Steve student home
Adamzzak, Antonia Mrs East Lead st housewife g/2 b/1
      Adamzzak, Edward laborer home
      Adamzzak, Andrew home
      Adamzzak, Mary waitress Chicago III
      Adamzzak, Anna office work home
Aetn,a Explosives Co Inc ?
Aho, Ida Mrs Case st housewife b/5
      Aho, Toivo home
      Aho, Hjalmer home
Aho, William C married miner Ironton loc g/1 b/1
Ahola, Frank married Moore st mechanic at California g/2 b/1
Ahteanpaa, John Sr Mr Yale loc retired
      Ahteanpaa, Jacob laborer Duluth Minn
      Ahteanpaa, John Jr caretaker home
      Ahteanpaa, Mary patient Newberry Mich
      Ahteanpaa, Emil laborer home
Alaxa, John married Ironton loc miner g/1 b/3
      Alaxa, Michael Mendon laborer home
      Alaxa, Matt miner home
      Alaxa, Joseph miner home
Alber,t John A married Sophie st business man
Alho, Peter married Mine st 2nd ave miner b/1
Allen, Susanne Mrs Sellar st housewife
Allen, William J married Sellar st meat cutter g/l b/3
Allena, Catherine Mrs Crouchy Crossing housewife g/2
      Allena, Martha clerk home
      Allena, Maymie clerk home
      Allena, Joseph clerk home
      Allena, John teamster home
Allena Marco Sellar st laborer
American Express Co A Lintelman agent
,American Legion Post No 27
Anderson, Albert J married Moore st g/1 6?1
      Anderson, Hazel 0 teacher home
Anderson, Andrew J married Ironton loc miner g/l b/l
Anderson, Axel F married Yale loc laborer
      Anderson, Carl miner home
      Anderson, Amelia domestic Evanston III
      Anderson, Paul student Marquette Mich
Anderson, Carl 0 married Poor Farm Road janitor
Anderson, Caroline Mrs Moore st housewife b/1
      Anderson, Svea I waitress home
Anderson, Carl home
Anderson, Harold married Yale loc laborer g/3 b/1
Anderson, John Sr Mr First ave
      Anderson, John Jr home
      Anderson, Donald works at pop shop home
Anderson, Josephine E Mrs Ironton loc
      Anderson, Robert blacksmith home
Anderson, Louis married Lale loc merch
      Anderson, Everett student Detroit
      Anderson, Tilford truck driver home
Anderson, Oscar 0 married Moore st lumberman g/2
Anderson, Rose Mrs 3rd ave Colby. Hill housewife
      Anderson, Wilma S home
      Anderson, William H miner home
      Anderson, Inga V home
      Anderson, Irene stenographer home
Angelo, Jimmy   Old Co Road miner
Annear, Elizabeth Mrs Ironton new loc housewife
Annear, James A married Ironton new loc warehouse clerk
Annear, John F married Ironton loc mine capt, g/1 b/6
Antonio, Novello Old Co Road miner
Anvil, Amusement Hall
Apitz, William married Iron & Case st butcher
      Apitz, George laborer home
      Apitz, Lawerence student Chicago III
Archambeau, Ann W Lead st housekeeper
Archambeau, Wilfred J married Galena st cashier g/l.
Arlund, James Old Co Road miner
Armicardi, Joseph married Galena st miner g/1 b/l.
      Armicardi, Mary waitress home
Arocco, William Colby st candy store prop
Arola, John A married 2nd ave W miner g/2 b/1
Arpi, Aali married First ave W miner b/I
Aspinwal, Mary E Mrs Yale loc housewife g/2 b/3
      Aspinwal, George miner home
      Aspinwal, Billy home
Atonio, Joseph Old Co Road miner
Avesch, Thomas married Colby Hill miner g/3 b/2
Autio, Nels Second ave miner
Awsiewiez, John married Silver st miner b/1
      Frank Orhowski student home

Babecky, Charles married Iron st retired
Bacanich, Louis married Iron st salesman g/3 b/1
Baccone, Robert Spring st miner
Backsie, James married Ironton loc miner g/3 b/3
BAIRD, WILLIAM S married E Mary st lawyer g/2 b/1
Baksha, Michael married Ironton loc surface emp
Baksic, John married Lead st co mechanic
Baksic, Mary Mrs Spring st housewife b/1
      Baksic, Mary tel opr home
      Baksic, Anna Chicago
Baldini, Louis married Sellar st shoe repairer g/l. b/1
Balich, Joseph married Spring st janitor
      Balich, Mary home
Ball, John married Longyear st janitor
Ballone, Pete B married Longyear st mechanic
Band, Raymond Ironton new loc miner
Banetti, Richard married Ironton loc miner b/1
Barbaconi, Frank married Longyear st miner g/1 b/l.
Barbaconi, Jack married Longyear st miner b/I
      Barbaconi, Celestial student home
Barbaconi, Joseph Mary & Moore sts mason helper
Barbaconi, Louis married Longyear st miner g/2 b/l.
Barbasov, Felix married Sellar st city emp
Baritone, Joseph J married Sellar st pipeman boss g/1 b/l.
      Baritone, Peter D orchestra player Milwaukee
      Baritone, James home
      Baritone, Anita M nurse Milwaukee
      Baritone, Pauline M student home
Baritone, Peter Mr Sellar st miner
      Baritone Anna office work Milwaukee
BARNICH, FRANK married W Lead st druggist
Bartala,s James J married Sellar st miner
      Bartalas, Anna A student Milwaukee
Bartelli, Fred married 1st ave W miner b/1
      Bartelli, Jennie M laundry emp Milwaukee
      Bartelli, Leonard student home
Bartely, John S married Barber st miner g/1 b/I
Bartinen, Peter married Ironton loc janitor b/l.
Barton, Mary Ironton loc housekeeper
Basket, George A married W Lead st g/3
Basket J 11 Mrs Iron st housewife
     Basket Arthur R R emp home
Bayliss, Edwin married Longyear st merch
Beawald, Charles A married W Lead st carpenter
    Beawald,, Percy II carpenter home
Becker, Louisa Mrs Colby st boarding house prop
     Becker, Paul fireman home
Becker, Paul F married Sophie st merch g/2
Bennetts, Philip married Sellar st blacksmith b/2
      Bennetts, Mildred nurse Norway
      Bennetts, Wendell minister Thorpi Wis
      Bennetts, Chester bookkeeper Detroit
      Bennetts, Florence teacher Eau Claire
      Bennetts, Margaret teacher Detroit
      Bennetts, Lislie student Flint
      Bennetts, Howard student home
Berg, Emil A married Iron st electrician g/2
Berg, Herman married Second ave
Berg, H E married Crouchy Crossing carpenter foreman g/l b/2
      Berg, Norman bookkeeper home
      Berg, Louis laborer home
      Berg, Gertrude home
Berg, Jennie M Mrs Ironton loc housewife
      Berg, Nellie teacher Marquette
      Berg, Henry carpenter Ironwood
      Berg, Edward carpenter home
Berger, Oliver married Longyear st carpenter g/2 b/1
      Berger, Kenneth student home
Bergeron, Rene L married North Bessemer Road farmer g/2 b/1
Bergman, Matt 0 married Ironton loc mine inspector g/1 b/2
      Bergman, Elma clerk home
      Bergman, Oscar miner home
Berndt, Carl Sellar st telegraph opr
Berryman, John married Ironton loc laborer g/1
Berwald, Charles married Lead st contractor
Berwald, Percy contractor home
Bessemer, Creamery
Bessemer, Laundry
Bessemer Township Hall Ramsay
Billi, Joseph married Barber st mine foreman g/I b/2
      Billi, Victoria teacher home
      Billi, Alphia home
Binda, Samuel married Colby st surface emp b/1
      Binda, Lina nurse Chicago
      Binda,  Quido student Ann Arbor
Bingers, Louise N Sophie st teacher
Bjorkman, Peter U married 3rd ave W miner g/1 b/2
Blaha, Joseph Sr married Iron st teamster
      Blaha, Joseph Jr accountant Grand View Hospital
Blozanin, Nickolas G married Barber st miner
Boettcher, Harry W married Sophie st teacher
Boggie, James Sellar st supt of water works
Bolline, Leoantine Mrs Longyear st housewife b/1
      Bolline, Ernest gas station emp home
      Bolline, Margaret dental asst home
      Bolline, George student home
Bolline, Dominic married Longyear st deputy sheriff g/1 b/1
      Bolline, Albert prop of soft drink parlor home
      Bolline, Katherine home
      Bolline, John undertaker home
        Bolline, Bruno home
      Bolline, Mary waitress home
Booline, Peter married 48 E Colby miner b/2
      Booline, Flavio U of Minn
      Booline, Mario student home
Bolog, Joseph married Sophie st surface boss
Bolzzarine, Uretta Mrs Colby st housewife b/1
      BoIzzarine, Frank laborer Kansas City Mo
      BoIzzarine, August laborer Detroit
      BoIzzarine, Mary bookkeeper home
Bonetti, John E married W Longyear st miner g/1
        Bonetti, Mary R home
      Bonetti, Chester J see emp home
Bonivitz, John married McDonald st miner g/2 b/2
      Bonivitz, Angeline K domestic Green Bay
      Bonivitz, Emily M home
      Bonivitz, Katherine B home
Borgaro, Martin Longyear st barber
Brack, James married Longyear st mechanic g/l
Brach, John married Sellar st laborer b/1
      Brach, Frank taxi chauffeur home
      Brach, Ida clerk home
      Brach, Mary clerk home
      Brach, John truck driver home
      Brach, Josephine home
      Brach, Annie home
      Brach, Stoffi laborer home
        Brach, Paul truck driver home
      Brach, David truck driver home
Bradley, Andrew married Poor Farm Road janitor g/1 b/2
Bradley, Iver married Ironton loc Fireman
      Bradley, Oscar bank emp Flint
      Bradley, Ragna teacher home
      Bradley, Hilda home
      Bradley, Nels home
      Bradley, Ingeborg student Marquette
Branchich, Michail J married 4th ave Spring st miner g/3 b/2
Breen, Oliver married pool room prop g/3 b/3
Brentar, Slyvid married Sellar st miner g/l b/2
Brenton, Herman Sellar st
Bretall, Gust A married Silver st bus driver b/2
Bretall, & Beaudette garage
Bria, Frances Mrs Mary & Moore st housewife
Bria, Joseph married Sellar st boiler house emp g/3 b/2
      Bria, Francis clerk home
      Bria, Maymie clerk home
      Bria, John student ]ionic
Broeiszewski, Martin B married co mechanic g/1
Brokshaw, Thomas W married Yale loc miner g/2
      Brokshaw, Edith home
Brown, Martin married Moore st & 3rd ave
      Brown, Mabel bookkeeper home
Brown, Richard married 2nd ave fireman b/2
Brown, Vina Mrs W Lead st seamstress ?3
Brusso, Mike married Beecher st miner g/1
      Brusso, John teamster home
      Brusso, Ernest teamster home
Buchko, Andrew married Silver st mine foreman g/2 b/3
      Buchko, Anna teacher Eldorado, Mich
      Buchko, Andreas clerk home
      Buchko, Raymond student home
Budnik, Frank E Mr Galena st
Budnik, Joseph T married Galena st see foreman
Bugni, Anthony married Silver st locomotive eng g/1 b/2
      Nelson, Liina Mrs mother of Mrs Bugni
Bukulis, Alexander Lead & Moore st restaurant prop
Bung, Margaret Mrs Ironton loc housewife g/5 b/2
Buranen, Tilda Mrs Mary st housework g/I b/1
      Buranen, Wayne A home
Bur,t Alexander 11 married Clayburg st truck driver g/1 b/5
Bur,t John married Moore st retired
      Burt, Rose teacher home
      Burt, Herbert mason home
      Bur,t Morris printer home
      Burt, Wendell teamster home
Bushie, Clarence married Poor Farm Road miner g/2
Bynack, Jacob J married Ironton loc office work g/1
Byrne, Andy married Longyear st retired
BYRNE, HARRY W married Colby Hill asst supt

Cabrianea August married Ironton loc miner g/2
Cabianca Collista married Ironton loc laborer g/4 b/2
Calabro Carmelo married Ironton loc miner g/1 b/2
Camilli Charles S married Galena st merch g/1 b/2
Canfield Clarence G married Colby st plumber b/4
Cara Secondo Barber st miner
Cardn Steve married Galena st retired
      Cardn Annie clerk home
      Cardn Verona waitress Detroit
      Cardn Joseph filling station Detroit
Carli Victor A married Silver st miner g/1 b/1
Carlson Alfred married Sellar st laborer g/1 b/4
            Carlson Waldo C truck driver home
Carlson John T laborer home
Carlson August married Sellar st laborer
Carlson August married 2nd ave W mine surfaceman g/1
        Carlson Ellen J tel opr Ironwood
Carlson Elizabeth G Mrs 3rd ave W housewife g/2 b/4
Carlson Eino maid Bessemer Carlson Elio maid Bessemer
Carlson Francis 13 married Ironton new loc miner g/1
Carlson Helma C Mrs W Lead st housewife
        Carlson Agnes A nurse Larraine Ohio
        Carlson Ethel B teacher Cleveland
        Carlson Myra teacher Cleveland
        Carlson Esther E teacher home
Carlson Herman C married Sellar st policeman g/1 b/2
Carlson John W married Barber st mine foreman b/I
       Carlson Gertrude J beauty specialist Minneapolis
       Carlson Paul W miner home
Carlson Matilda M Mrs Ironton new loc housewife b/1
       Carlson Leonard surface work home
Carlson Walter C, married Sellar st warehouse emp g/3
Carone Victor P married Longyear st miner g/1 b/2
Carosie Angelo married Sellar st mason g/2
        Carosie John laborer Grand Rapids
        Carosie Angelo mason home
        Carosie Adolph mason home
Carpenado Peter married Mary st truck driver b/1
Carrick Walter 11 married Barber st safety eng g/2
Castile Mining Co
Cerullo Vincent married Barber st miner g/1 b/2
Costello Edward married Colby Hill miner g/1 b/2
        Costello Joseph laborer home
        Costello John laborer home
        Costello Frank laborer home
Cederstrom Oliver married Pick st Jewel Tea salesman b/1
Celeste Fino Sellar st laborer
Ceno Francis Mrs Barber st housewife g/1 b/1
        Ceno Peter clerk home
        Ceno Mathew miner home
        Ceno Esther home
Central Cafe
Chajkosski Mike married Gold st sexton g/2 b/3
        Chajkosski Michael Buick emp Flint
Chaney William H married Sellar st farmer b/3
        Chaney Frederick student Marquette
Chart Joseph married W Lead st teamster g/1
Chernick Anton E married Yale loc miner g/2 b/2
Chicago and Northwestern Railroad
Chihose Josephine Mrs Iron st housewife b/2
       Mary Cheeltik Mrs (mother) Iron st
Chilese Martin married I st ave W miner g/1
Chindell Paul married Colby st miner g/1 b/2
       Chindell Antone moving picture opr New York City
Chisholm Archie married Longyear st construction foreman g/2 b/2
Chris John Ironton loc miner
Chriske Leo married Clayburg Iron st sec foreman
      Chriske John home
Church Albert E' married Longyear st drayman g/1 b/2
Ciorini Samuel married Galena st miner g/2 b/2
Cirocco William W Mary st laborer
Citrielerou Julia Mrs Ironton loc housewife g/3 b/2
Cmpren Albert married Ironton loc miner g/3 b/2
Clark Erick Mr 1st ave W surface laborer
      Clark Leonard A cook Milwaukee
Clover Matilda Mrs 2nd ave W housewife
Cobb C, R married Moore st supt of schools g/1
      Cobb Calnetta teacher Wakefield
      Cobb Norman student Marquette
      Cobb Charles student Marquette
Cochran Edward L married Moore st mine supt g/2 b/1
      Cochran Katherine L student home
Colla John married Poor Farm Road surface workman g/1 b/3
Columbie Louis Colby st miner
Conant Johanna Mrs Iron st laundress g/1 b/1
Contratto Mary Mrs Longyear st housewife g/1
      Contratto Paul teamster home
      Contratto Peter farmer home
Contratto Peter M married E Mary st fireman
Cooke Jack First ave miner
Cooper Jack J married Yale loc miner g/2
Corda John married Iron st laborer b/2
      Corda Herman home
      Corda Lucille home
Corgiot Peter married Galena st shoemaker g/1
      Corgiot Bernard plasterer Battle Creek
      Corgiott Doreen teacher home
Corolewski Casper married Crouchy (Crossing farmer
Corgrove John J married Mine st miner g/1 b/I
Cossi Alexander married Ironton loc miner h?2
County Infirmary:
Batty John
Bikka John
Blanik George
Bowman Emil
Conjah Joseph
Duryer William
Emmo Matt
Erickson Fred
Flinch Otto
Frederick John
Garrity Buck
Gribbon Harry
Hendrickson John
Hill Gust
Johns John
Johnson Isaac
Johnson Louis
Klemnett Enock
McCall John
MeClumen John
Maki John
Mattella Abraham
Mattiari Peter
Mattson Edward
Mickelson Lyle
Mojella Christ
Munn George
Olson Charles
Pplock Fred
Roscorda William
Wanno Washo
Cotes Anna J Colby & Mine st housekeeper
Cox Abraham Longyear st laborer
Cox Charles J married N Sophie st blacksmith g/2 b/1
Cox Harry married Clayburg st city water works emp b/1
      Cox Mildred housework Bessemer
      Cox Dwyatt warehouse work home
Cox Reginald J married Longyear st tractor opr
      Cox William J home
Crenna Julia Mrs Sellar st housewife g/1 b/I
      Crenna 'Fred plumber Chicago
      Crenna Angelo taxi emp Ironwood
Crenna Peter married Sellar st miner g/1
Creswell Florence Longyear st teacher
Cretano Joseph married Moore st barber g/3 b/2
      Cretano Elio barber home
      Cretano Arco barber home
Crocher Mathew E married Yale loc miner g/1
Crook Durham married East Lead st mechanic g/1
      Crook Mildred student Stevens Point
      Crook Olive seamstress home
Crougey William H married Iron st retired
CULVER HARRY T married Sophie st garage prop g/1
Cummins 11 L married West Lead stenographer
       Cummins Bayne pipe organist Ironwood
       George Lynd student Bessemer
CYCHOZE JOHN P married Longyear tailor

Dabinsky George Sr married Yale loc retired
      Dabinsky George Jr miner home
      Dabinsky Steve miner home
      Dabinsky Alice home
      Dabinsky Michael miner home
      Dabinsky Aleck miner home
      Dabinsky Stanley miner home
Dabinsky Stephan married Ironton loc miner
Dahl August C married First ave butcher g/2 b/2
Dalgren Albin married Yale loc miner g/3 b/1
Davies Ellen Mrs Sellar st housewife
Davies Frank C married Colby & Mine Light Power Co
De Biasi Anton married Sellar st laborer
      De Biasi Mary home
Dell George Yale loc laborer
De Marte Frank married Longyear st g/3 b/4
      De Marte Domenick miner home
      De Marte Angeline laundry emp home
      De Marte Katherine teacher Manistique Mich
      De Marte Angelo laborer Kenosha Wis
De Marte Joseph married Longyear st miner g/l b/3
Dembetia Joseph married Longyear st miner g/l b/4
Deresch Mary Mrs Longyear st housewife
De Stasio Pompeo Mr Sellar st miner
      De Stasio Mary C nurse Chicago III
      De Stasio Anteanette home
Dezendorf Malcolm L married Ironton loc electrician g/1
Dickenson Margaret C Longyear st teacher
Donich John Mrs Sophie & Longyear st g/1
Donich Michael D Mr Longyear st real estate
      Donich Jule D nurse California
      Donich Michael A doctor M. D Detroit
      Donich Katherine J teacher home
      Donich Joseph D student Marquette
      Donich Mary A housekeeper home
Donnini John married Galena st miner g/1 b/1
Douscette Joseph I married 2nd ave W clerk g/1 b/1
Doyle Loretta Longyear st teacher
Drekolias Demos Mr W Longyear st see laborer
Drogula Nick married North Bessemer Road farming g/2
Drolson Andrew married Clayburg st fisherman b/1
      Drolson Arthur J post office clerk home
      Drolson William H painter home
      Drolson Helen L clerical work Wausau Wis
      Drolson Edith M clerical work home
      Drolson Clark M student home
Duco Auto Paint Shop
DUDA FRANK J married Park st Insurance & Real Estate g/1 b/1
Duda John 11 married E Lead st laundry work
Dufrane Louis E married Ironton loc electrician g/I b/2
Duray Louis married Iron st miner b/2

Eastman Albert J married 3rd ave W miner b/1
Eckman E If married Moore & Mary st int decor
      Eckman Isabel 11 teacher home
      Eckman Ruby Al student Menomonee Wis
ECKMAN GUSTAF W married Clayburg st baker g/1 b/1
Ekola Andrew Second ave laborer
Electric Light Station
Elichar Arcadio Sellar st mason
Elks Lodge Rooms
Ellione ? Bercher st g/2
      Ellione Mary A stenographer home
      Ellione James miner home
      Ellione Emil miner home
      Ellione Celeste D ticket seller at movies? home
      Ellione Felix miner home

Emaney Sophie Mrs Colby Hill housewife
      Emaney Frank M laborer Bergland Mich
Empren Joseph married Ironton loc. miner g/1 b/1
Emunson Herbert M married W Mary st printer g/l b/l
Englund Abraham married Spring st janitor
      Englund Anna M teacher home
      Englund Elmer A bookkeeper home
Englund William Mrs N Sophie st nurse g/1
Enrico Otto Mr W Lead st retired b/1
Ercali Vjelo married Ironton loc miner g/1 b/3
Erickson Erick E married Barber st carpenter g/2 b/1
Erickson Edward 11 married 2nd ave W miner
Erickson Erick married Hematite st miner b/1
      Erickson Arvid E laborer Evelette Wis
      Erickson Everett clerk Chicago III
      Erickson Leonard laborer section home
      Erickson Allen W laborer section home
Erickson Fannie Mrs McDonald st housewife
      Erickson John W woodsman home
Erickson Hannah Mrs Reeds Road farm housewife g/I b/1
      Erickson Victor farming home
      Erickson Arvid farming home
      Erickson Edwin carpenter home
Erickson Harold A married Longyear st deputy co register g/1 b/2
Erickson Henry married Barber st miner
      Erickson Agnes student home
      Erickson Rudolph student home
Erickson Justine Mrs Case st housewife g/2
          Erickson Arno W home
Erickson Sophie Mrs Second ave housewife b/I
      Erickson Hjalmer F laborer home
      Erickson Arthur A laborer home
        Erickson Lempi E teacher home
      Erickson Dagmar E clerk home
      Erickson Gordon R logman home
      Erickson Elsie M home
Erickson Swan married Spring st janitor
      Albert Bage miner home
Erickson Wenlaw Mrs 4th ave & Colby Hill housewife
      Erickson Albin laborer home
      Erickson Arthur home
Erikanen Adolph Second ave miner
Erikanen Matt married Moore st carpenter & plumber g/1 b/1
Ethier Clarence J married Silver st battery station prop b/1
Evangelisto Anton married Ironton loc miner g/1 b/1
Faderli Peter married Ironton loc miner g/3 b/1
Fargo Adolph Iron st miner
Farmers' Milling & Elevator Co
Farro Joseph Old County Road miner
Fauhl William married Moore st blacksmith
Favetto James Mr W Mary st teamster b/1
Fell Sarah Mrs First ave housewife
      Benson George home
FELLING ERNEST W married Longyear st leather merch b/2
Felty Harry married Longyear st butcher g/2 b/1
Fernadez Delmiro married Ironton loc miner
Ferrari Peter married Moore st b/1
      Ferrari Mary E teacher Marquette
      Ferrari George student Lansing
      Ferrari Florian home
Fertto Joseph Old County Road miner
Fibiny Jacob Mr First ave W
      Fibiny Edward A movie opr home
      Fibiny David laborer Garey Ind
Fidahza Andrew married Peck st miner g/3
Fiesanen Michael Second ave miner
Fillipinni Angelo married Galena st shoe repairer b/1 g/1
Fillipinni Philip married Yale loc miner g/4 b/1
Filter Fred C married Clayburg st undertaker g/1 b/2
Fink Leonard married Yale loc miner
Finnegan John E married Iron & Moore st policeman b/2
      Finnegan Warren E miner home
      Finnegan Miles J student home
Fire Department
First and Last Club
Formenski Stanley married Iron st miner g/1 b/2
Forno Maymie Mrs Longyear st housewife g/1
      Forno Maymie student Stevens Point
      Forno Rose student home
Fors Arvid Second ave miner
Forsell Arvid Second ave miner
Forslund Andrew S married Reed's Road miniing police b/5
      Forslund Andrew J laborer home
      Forslund Leonard miner home
      Forslund Albin farmer home
      Forslund Elmer farmer home
Forslund Evar Mr. Reeds Road miner b/2
Fraser Charles M married 306 Moore st clergyman
Fragoi Vitelio married Ironton loc miner b/1
Frallo John E married Barber st miner g/3
Frank John Mr Sophie st store clerk
      Frank Dorothy nurse Cleveland Ohio
      Frank Joseph stationary work Detroit Mich
      Frank Edward factory emp Detroit Mich
FRICK JOHN married undertaker & furn dealer g/1
FRICK JOHN J CO furn. & undertaking

Gabrielson Mons married Colby Hill
Gamache Frank married Ironton new loc laborer g/1
Gardetto Anton married Barber st miner
   Gardetto Mathew F laborer home
   Gardetto John 11 laborer home
Gayan Leo R married Poor Farm Road miner b/l
Gedda Caroline Mrs E Mary st housewife
Gedda Adolph J ins agent home General Repair and Electric Co
Gerrick John married Ironton loc miner g/2 b/3
Gervasio Faustino married Sellar st electrician
   Gervasio Lena clerk home
Ghellen Anton married Old County Road miner g/1
    Ghellen James student home
   Ghellen Mary home
Gheller Domenic, married Old County Road miner g/1 b/1
Gheller Jimmy Old County Road miner
Gilcrist Charles T married Galena st laborer g/1 b/4
Gillies Whitford C married Colby Hill mining capt g/2
Gladscheck Anton married Gold st laborer
Glatzzk Nick married Iron & Beecher st laborer g/2
   Glatzzk Anton home
   Glatzzk Helen home
   Glatzzk Josephine home
   Glatzzk Adeline student home
Globe Battery Station
Godfrey Nell Yale loc housemaid
Godfrey William B married Yale loc Powder Co emp
      Godfrey William S Jr student Ann Arbor
Godlewski John W married West Lead st blacksmith g/2
Godlewski Rose Airs Beecher st housewife
    Godlewski Joseph student home
Gogebic Auto Co
Golatzzk John married Iron st switchman g/3 b/l
GOLDMAN JACOB married Sellar st merch
   Goldman Melvin bakery business Milwaukee Wis
   Goldman Stuart student Milwaukee Wis
Gondek Anna Mrs Yale loc housewife
   Gondek Susan home
Gondick Cazmier married Barber st miner g/2
Gondick Edward married Barber st miner ??3
Gondick Mitchell married Barber st miner g/1
Gorman F C married Galena st music ins g/2 b/2
Gotta Joseph L married E Mary st city clerk b/2
Gotta Peter married W Mary st merch g/1, b/1
   Gotta Augustine school nurse Elgin III
   Gotta Louis filling station home
   Gotta John student home
   Gotta Adeline student home
   Gotta Charles student home
GRAHAM PEARCE E married E Mary st plumbing and heating g/2 b/1
Granquist Alexander married Colby loc eng
   Granquist Kenneth laborer home
   Granquist Margaret home
Cray Walter W married Longyear & Clayberg st retired
   Gray Gladys L teacher Marquette Mich
Gray William Ironton loc truck driver
Grimm Lawrence IT married Yale To(?. R R eng, g/1 b/2
Grobasky Jewel married Iron st laborer g/2 b/1
G roenen Jacob married N Bessemer Road farmer g/2 b/1
Grossuichee Harold J married Sophie st teacher g/2
Guizzetti Eugenio married Longyear st miner
Gustafson Berger N married Yaye loc mechanic g/2 b/1
Gustafson Charles J married Yale loc mining capt
Gustafson Clarence L married Longyear st carpenter g/1
   Gustafson Richard Mr Longyear st (father of Mrs Gustafson)
Gustafson Edward W married Ironton new loc timber framer b/1
Gustafson Harry, V married Ironton loc pipeman g/1 b/2
Gustafson John W married Yale loc blacks mith b/I
Gustafson Ralph painter home
Gustafson Oscar F married Ironton loc surface foreman b/I
Gustafson Agnes teacher home
Gustafson Mabel teacher home
Gustafson Evelyn student home
Gustafson Oscar G married Ironton new loc machinist g/l b/5
Gustafson Oscar Car married g loc truck driver g4 b/3
Gustatino Frank married Sellar st miner g/1 b/1
Guyer William married Longyear & Case st mgr of warehouse
Gruzzo John married Yale loc miner g/2 b/2

Haapoja Charles S married Reeds Road miner g/1 b/1
Hagen Ivar H married E Mary st retired
Hagen Herbert P salesman home
HAGERMAN MERLE A married Moore st bank cashier g/1
Hakala Arthur J married Yale loc miner b/1
Hakala Katherine Mrs 1st ave W housewife
Hakala John Co laborer home
Hakala Matt miner home
Hakala William married 1st ave W laborer b/I
Hakanen Katherine Mrs 2nd Ave housewife g/1
Hahanen Helvi domestic home
Halama Frank married W Lead st painter
Halama Jacob married Silver st janitor
Halama Mary A nurse home
Halama James A married Silver st man train supt b/1
Halama Joseph E Lead st machine shop emp
Halama Joseph married Silver st laborer
Halama James laborer home
Halama Agnes waitress home
Hallem Elizabeth Moore st housekeeper
Halme Andrew married Ironton loc miner g/l
Halstead Maunical 11 married Yale loc principal g/1
Ham Margaret Mrs 2nd ave housewife
       Ham Elizabeth dressmaker home
   Ham William chauffeur home
   Ham Bertha teacher Montana
Hansen C Lumber Co
Hansen Conrad N married W Lead st business, man g/1. b/1
HANSEN CORNELIUS married Iron st mason g/1 b/1
   Hansen Olga A treacher home
   Hansen Astrid K teacher home
   Hansen Louise I teacher Hart
Hansen Halftan J married W Lead st lumber dealer g/l b/1
Hansen Oscar R married Iron st lumber dealer g/1
Hansen Peter Mr Reeds Road
   Hansen Axel laborer home
Hansen William married Case st lumber dealer g/2 b/1
Harding Genevieve Longwear & Case sts teacher

Hardy Margaret 8 Mrs Colby st housewife b/2
   Hardy Lillie J domestic Illinois
   Hardy Axel 0 teamster home
Harju Herman married Ironton loc miner
Harrington John J married IT S 2 miner g/1 b/1
Harrio John E married Ironton loc miner g/2 b/I.
   Harrio Fannie home
Harrio Mary Mrs Moore st housewife
   Harrio Lempi maid Chicago
   Harrio Verner laborer Flint
   Harrio Lillian teacher home
   Harrio Ellen teacher home
Harteloo Mary Mrs 1st ave W housewife
   Harteloo William G miner home
Haukola Charles 2nd ave miner
Haukola Oscar 2nd ave miner
Hauta Reynold Al married Longyear st salesman g/1
Hautala Alex married 1st ave g/2
   Hautala Arvid home
   Toivo Rakala adopted home
Havey Ralph V married W Lead st contractor g/1
   Havey Albert lather home
   Havey Christina home
Hayes John married Beecher st capt of mine
   Hayes Clarence miner home
   Hayes Howard salesman home
Hayvola David married 4th ave Colby Hill miner g/l b/1
   Hayvola Marion A stenographer Detroit
Heikkila John married 2nd ave W miner g/2 b/1
Helgren Jack Moore st laborer
Hellman Anna Mrs 4th ave Colby Hill housewife
Hellman Bruno Colby Hill teamster
Hellman Katherine A Mrs 1st ave W laundress g/l
   Hellman Matt W laborer Detroit Mich
   Hellman Onnie A harvester Washington
   Hellman Annie M home
   Hellman Esther S home
Hellman Oscar S married 2nd ave W camp emp
Hellman John W married E Mary st clerk
Hellman William married Clayburg st janitor g/1
   Hellman Elsie bookkeeper home
   Hellman Ina off work home
Hendries Charles married Iron st mechanic b/1
Herald Publishing Co
Hercules Powder Co
Hietanen Charles married miner g/1 b/l
Hill Andrew married Yale loc farmer g/2 b/2
Hill Arthur married Ironton loc miner b/2
Hill Frank Moore st laborer

Hill Gideon married Ironton loc miner g/2 b/2
Hill Hugo L married Longyear st barber g/2 b/1
Hill John A married 4th ave Colby Hill carpenter g/3 b/1
Hill Leonard married 1st ave laborer g/l b/2
Hill Oscar 0 married Reeds Road farmer g/1 b/3
Hobeny Frances Mrs Iron st housewife
Hodack Charles married E Lead st mechanic g/2 b/2
Hoeft Julius A married Case st mine motorman
Hoeft Paul married Sellar st miner g/1 b/1
Hoeft Pauline Mrs Iron st laundress g/1 b/1
   Hoeft Emma tel opr home
   Hoeft Clarence laborer home
   Hoeft Alice nurse Grand View Hospital
Hoffman Charles F married 3rd ave W fireman g/2 b/3
Hoffman Henry F married Iron st janitor
   Hoffman Viola teacher Marinette
   Hoffman Jeridean teacher Crandon Mich
   Hoffman Walwin student Minnesota
Hoffner Bartle married N 'Sophie st miner
   Hoffner Rachael home
   Hoffner Emma domestic home
   Hoffner Joseph see laborer home
Hoffner Frank married Silver st electrician g/l b/3
Hokola John J married Poor Farm Road miner g/1 b/3
   Hokolo Arvid miner home
Holland John Sellar st state rep
Holland Katherine Sellar st housekeeper
Hollup John married Moore st miner b/2
   Hollup Anton laborer home
   Hollup John soldier Panama Canal
   Hollup Peter Marines San Diego Cal
Holmen Andrew married Ironton loc miner g/2
   Holmen John 11 married Yale loc miner g/2 b/I
Honz & Becker store
Honz Rudolph married Sophie st merch
Hook Michael E married Yale loc butcher
   Hook Joseph fireman Wakefield
   Hook Herman student home
   Hook Lawrence student home
Hudson Esther N Sophie st teacher
Huntey Lowell A married Ironton loc miner g/1 b/1

Ideal Beauty Parlor
Ingram Leslie F married Yale loc clergyman g/3
Ippolite Arnold married Old Co Road miner b/5
   student home
Ippolite Bruno married Barber st mine foreman g/2 b/2
   Ippolite Rose clerk home
Irju William 2nd ave laborer Ironton Mine
Isdebeski Leo married 1st ave traffic off b/1
Isatallo Elias married Yale loc miner
Isvarski George married Ironton loc miner g/4 b/1

Jacobson Erick married Reeds Road miner g/2
   Jacobson Clarence miner home
   Jacobson Walter farmer home
   Jacobson Elmer miner home
Jacobson Walter married 3rd ave Colby Hill farmer
   Jacobson Tyrie farmer home
Jago Charles married Mine st Colby Hill policeman
   Jago Violet home
   Jago Charles H home
Jakola Bernard married 4th ave laborer
James Harriet Case st housekeeper
James Henry T Mr Case st supply clerk g/1 b/I
Jankobiak John married Gold st policeman g/l
   Jankobiak Anton student Ann Arbor Mich
   Jankobiak Susan teacher home
   Jankobiak Marion teacher home
   Jankibiak Harry student home
Janov August married Clayburg st miner g/3
Jarvensiun Victor married Ironton loc miner
Jarvi Einar 0 married Yale loc miner g/1 b/1.
K thru Z
Kaarle Oscar A married 3rd ave W woodsman b/l.
   Kaarle Helge 0 home
   Kaarle Helen A waitress home
Kaataja Richard married 2nd ave miner g/l b/l
   Kaataja Allie E teacher Crystal Falls Mich
Kaijula Matt 2nd ave laborer
Kalan Slav married Ironton loc miner g/1 b/4
Kalia Nickolas married Spring st & 4th ave miner b/2

KALLANDER JOHN A married N Sophie st merch g/l. b/1
Kaluge Robert B married N Sophie st station agent
Kalusha Julia Mrs Colby Hill housewife
   Kalusha Frank laborer Lansing Mich
   Kalusha Anna home
Kalusha, Rudolph married Colby Hill Mine st miner g/2
Kangas Arvid married Galena st miner g/2
Kangas Daniel 2nd ave laborer

Kangas Emil L married Yale loc miner g/3 b/l.
Kangas Henry 2nd ave miner
Kangas Minnie Mrs Moore st housewife
   Kangas Elizabeth clerk home
Kangas Toivo Old Co Road miner
Karjula Charles G married Spring st laborer g/2
   Karjula Verner laborer home
   Karjula William laborer home
   Karjula, Elsa domestic home
   Karjula Ellen clerk home
   Karjula Tynie home
Karsk August married Gold st retired
Kaskey Aline Mrs Longyear st housewife g/2 b/2
Kastman Frans E W married Sellar st clergyman g/l. b/1
Katich George Colby Bill miner
Katich Nicholas Colby Hill miner
Kearney F H warehouse
Kelly John married 2nd ave W Street Car Co emp b/l

Kelto Emil M married 2nd ave merch g/i b/2
Kelto ? Velin Co
Keo William W Lead st laundry prop
Kevari Matt Jr married 1st ave W auto mechanic g/1
Kevari Matt Sr married Spring st laborer b/1
Kevari HjaImer mechanic home
Kevern Elizabeth A Mrs Mine st housewife
   Kevern William J home
   Kevern Harriet A home
Kevern Mary A Mrs Mine st bookkeeper
   Kevern James H mechanic home
Kiina, Alira Sellar st stable prop
Kinkner A W livery
Kinnunen Charles married Moore st farmer & fisherman
   Kinnunen Esther bookkeeper home
Kiomento Attilio married Ironton loc miner b/2
Kitto James E married Yale loc laborer g/2 b/2
   Kitto Kenneth laborer Ramsay Mich
   Kitto Lenore student home
Kliomento Victoria Mrs Old Co Road housewife g/2 b/I
Klovinski Josephine Mrs Silver st housewife
   KloviDski Magdaline clerk Muskegon Mich
Knapp William married Iron & Clayburg st laborer b/1
Knehtela Richard J married Ironton loc miner g/1 b/1
Knight Fred W married Moore st salesman b/1
KNIGHT W H married W Lead st retired
Knobloch John J married Longyear st mine cashier
Knoblock Vincent J married W Lead st laborer g/1
   Knoblock Phelia teacher home
   Knoblock Pauline teacher Milwaukee Wis
Kondeles John Sellar st barber
Kondzela August J married Iron & Clayburg st laborer
   Kondzela, Helen domestic Wakefield Mich
   Kondzela Marie bookkeeper home
   Kondzela Margaret student Duluth Minn
Korhonen Ina Mrs Barber st housewife g/3 b/2
   Korhonen Verner miner home
   Korhonen Ina domestic Ironwood Mich
   Korhonen Charles laborer home
KORONSKI GEORGE married W Longyear st civil & mining eng g/2 b/I
   Beatty Josephine Mrs Longyear st
Korpela Eli J married East Lead st carpenter g/1 b/1
Korpi Wilma M Mrs 3rd ave W housewife g/1 b/2
   Korpi Katheryn home
Korvonen Fannie Mrs Moore st 3rd ave housewife g/l b/2
Koskey Mary M Mrs Spring st housewife
   Koskey Mary I teacher Cleveland Ohio
   Koskey Elvira teacher Cleveland Ohio
   Koskey Francis laborer home
   Koskey Ivar brakeman home
   Koskey Edith nurse Richmond Ind
   Koskey Bernard eng Grand Rapids Mich
Koski John married Yale loc miner b/4
   Koski Sylvia home
Koskicki Frank married Case & Silver st carpenter g/2 b/4 Koskicki Jerome student home
Kovis. George Iron st miner
Kristiansen Axel married Sophie st merch jeweler g/1
Kruzona Laurence married E Lead st retired
    Kruzona, Judith clerk home
    Kruzona Helen bookkeeper home
   Kruzona, Vincent student home
Kubiny Andrew H married Reeds Road miner
    Kubiny Luella dentist asst home
Kuinunen Eston married Ironton loc miner g/1
Kuiyala Edward J married Ironton loc dryman
     Kuiyala Edward Jr miner home
Kuiyala Theodore married Ironton loc laborer g/1
Kulasavicz and Skwor North Side Dept Store
Kulasavicz Dave married W Lead & Sophie st pipe organist
Kulasaviez Frank married Moore & N Sophie st merch
Kulasavicz William married N Sophie st retired
    Kulasavicz Dan J theatre prop home
Kutrovicz Thomas married Spring st g/3
     Kutrovicz Anna clerk home
     Kutrovicz Mary laundry emp home
    Kutrovicz Alice waitress home
Kuusisto Walter E married 1st ave mechanic

La Claire Herman married Sellar st time keeper b/2
Ladish John married Ironton loc miner
    Ladish Leonard draftsman Tennessee
    Ladish Katherine waitress Detroit
Lahti Jacob I married Yale loc miner g/1 b/1
    Lahti August laborer home
    Lahti Jack laborer home
Lakala August C married W Longyear st miner g/2
    Lakala Edward M highway worker home
    Lakala, Gertrude S maid Wakefield
Lake Superior District Power Co
Lalich Ivan married 3rd ave W miner gA b/2
Lampart Frank married Ironton loc laborer g/2 b/3
Lampart John J married W Lead st merch g/1 b/I
Lampart John Sr married W Lead st farmer
    Lampart Joseph laborer home
Lempi Herman married Colby st miner g/1 b/3
     Lampi Saima teacher Iron Minn
    Lampi Sigrid stenographer home
    Lampi Signe F student home
Lappi Andrew married 2nd ave W miner
    Lappi Martha stenographer home
    Lappi Hjalmer home

Larson August S married Sellar st contractor
   Larson Arthur architect Alabama
   Larson Jennie M secretary Chicago
Laskody Bertha Mrs I st ave W housewife b/1
   Laskody John home
   Laskody Michael student home
Latvala Ivar Second ave laborer
Latvamaki Emil A married Ironton loc miner g/2
Laurila John G married Ironton loc miner b/3
Lavers William J married Sellar st miner
   Pender Sophie Mrs (mother) Sellar st
La Voy Fred J married Sellar st painter b/l
Lehto Michael married Moore st carpenter g/1 b/1
Lehto Carl mechanie home
Lehtonen John married 4th ave Colby Hill
   Lehtonen Einar J laborer Washington
   Lehtonen Arvid J laborer San Francisco
Lenzzo Samuel married Ironton loc miner g/4 b/1
   Lenzzo Margaret home
   Lenzzo Gerald home
Lepisto August married 3rd ave W miner & farmer g/1
   Lepisto Einar J laborer home
Lepponen John 8 2nd ave laborer
Leskoviansky Alex D J married Ironton loc miner g/1 b/2
Leskoviansky Alexander M Sr married Ironton loc miner g/3 b/l~
Leskoviansky Max married Ironton loc surface worker g/1 b/6
      Leskoviansky Julia laundry home
Lesky Lunis married 3rd ave W miner g/1 b/1
Lester William married Iron st eng g/1
   Lester John postal clerk Detroit Mich
    Lester Raymond Chicago III
Lilegegren Paul E married Ironton loc clerk g/3
Lilwis William married Ironton loc miner g/1 b/1
Lingquist married Lead st
LINTELMANN ARTHUR married W Lead st merch
   Lintelmann Blanche teacher Bessemer
   Lintelmann Leslie artist New York City
Lintelmann Bertha Mrs N Sophie st housewife
Lintelmann William prop of chicken farm home
Lobb Edward C married Clayberg st fireman g/1 b/2
   Lobb Cecil teacher home
   Lobb Minerva teacher home
   Lobb Edward Jr electrician New York City
   Lobb La Rue clerk at newspaper Ironwood
   Lobb, Richard home
   Lobb Ebbetty home
   Lobb Zelda student Marquette
Loncharte Robert married 2nd ave miner g/2 b/1
   Loncharte Mary teacher Pontiac Mich
   Loncharte John worker at shop Muskegon Mich
   Loncharte Peter teacher Iron River
   Loncharte Joseph laborer Muskegon Mich
Lonebarich Vincent J Sr married Mine st Colby Hill surface work g/1 b/1
   Loncharich Vincent
   Loncharich Charles J
   Lonebarich John student home
Longhin Mary Mrs Ironton loc housewife b/3
Lonson Ben W Mary st laborer
Lopec Raymond married Ironton loc miner b/1
Lucas Frank married W Lead st laborer g/1 b/1
   Lucas Frank Jr works on the boats Memphis Tenn
   Lucas Magdaline off work Oshkosh Wis
Lucas John married Mine st Colby Hill miner g/6 b/2
   Lucas Mary waitress Chicago
   Lucas Frank see laborer home
Lucas Rudolph J married Mary st motorman b/1
Lucynski Frank married Colby st electrician g/2
Lundquist Ruth Longyear st teacher
Lutz Charles 1?1 married Sellar st druggist g/2
LUTZ and ROBINSON Drug Store
Luxmore Gordon married Yale loc Co laborer g/3 b/1
LUXMORE JOHN married Silver & Moore sts Co clerk
Lyons Agnes N Sophie st teacher
Lyezzyk Michael married E Lead & Peck sts carpenter g/4 b/2

Maccani Joseph married W Lead st carpenter g/1 b/1
   Maccani Alfred A carpenter home
   Maccani Evalio carpenter home
Maccani Joseph C married Sellar st timekeeper b/1
Maccani Katherine Mrs Colby Fit housewife
   Maccani Celia teacher Chicago
   Maccani Anna student Chicago
MacFarland David married Ironton loc salesman g/1
   MacFarland Howard student Detroit
   Macfarland Mildred deputy Co clerk home
   MacFarland Kenneth miner home
   MacFarland Donald student Ann Arbor
Mackentire Alice Mrs Iron st & 2nd ave housewife
   Mackentire John prop of restaurant Milwaukee
Mackentiie Charles M married Barber st miner g/1 b/1
Mahan Edward J married Ironton New loc head mechanic g/1
Mains C H married Iron st principal & teacher
Makela Frank married Yale loc miner g/1 b/2
Maki Herman Moore st shop repairer
Maki Hugo F married Yale loc miner g/1
Maki Ivar married Ironton loc miner

Maki John married Yale loc laborer g/2
Maki Laino 2nd ave W laborer
Maki Lawrence married Iron st laborer
Maki Lawrence married Iron st laborer
Maki Lydia Mrs 4th ave Colby Hill housewife g/1 b/2
   Maki Walter N see laborer home
   Maki Verner C see laborer home
Maki Mary Mrs Spring Rt housewife
   Maki Taini teacher home
   Maki John student home
Maki Matt married 3rd ave W N W see laborer
Maki Oscar married Iron st motor opr
Maki William J Iron st contractor & logger g/3,
   Maki Sigrid off work home
Malzarcki John married Gold st miner b/2
Mancher Joseph L married Galena st clerk b/l
Mancher Matt married Galena st merch
   Mancher Walter student Milwaukee
   Mancher Raymond home
Mann Richard Mr Longyear st
Manni Jacob married 2nd ave flour mill emp g/2 b/1
   Manni Fannie maid home
   Manni Walter home
   Manni Lillian clerk home
   Manni Matt flour mill emp home
   Manni Mildred student home
Marander Emil J married Longyear st carpenter
Marchello and Camilli dry goods
Marchenari Emanuel married Barber st miner g/2 b/1
Marchovinski Mary Mrs McDonald st Colby Hill g/2 b/5
   Marchovinski Joseph student home
Margretta Jerry married Barber st miner b/3
Marienni Lania *married Longyear st miner b/1
    Marienni Jennie home
Marinetti Albert married Sophie tit prop of pool room g/1
Marinetti Angelo L married Sellar st clerk b/1
Markuist John married Longyear st prop of soft drink parlor b/1
Maroni Valentine P married Longyear st merch
Mark Victor married Galena st miner g/6 b/2
Maro Victor married Ironton loc miner g/3 b/2
Marshalek Andrew married W Lead st farmer g/2 b/1
   Marshalek Rose home
Marshalek Frank A married Poor Farm Road miner
Marshalek Mary Mrs W Lead st housewife b/1
   Marshalek Peter teamster home
Marshelki Joseph married Ironton loc miner g/4 b/1
Martell Napoleon J married Ironton loc electrician b/1
Martin Laurence L married Beecher st mechanic g/1
Martin Lotta Longyear st teacher

Martin Richard Mr Beecher & Iron sts hoisting eng
Martini Magdaline Mrs W Lead st housewife g/1
   Martini Joseph miner home
   Martini Josephine clerk home
   Martini David asst plumber home
   Martini Maymie student Battle Creek
   Martini Magdaline student Battle Creek
   Martini Jennie off work home
Martins William C married Poor Farm Road supt of Co Poor House
   Martin, George student home
Martins William J married Sellar Rt teamster b/1
Mascotti Albeano married Sellar st miner g/2 b/I
Mascotti Ben married Longyear st mason g/1 b/3
Maslio Verner J married Ironton loc clerk b/l.
Maslonlonka Stanley married Ironton loc miner g/2 b/2
   Correction: Maslanka Stanley married Ironton loc miner g/2 b/2
      Corrections by Doreen (Maslanka) Raykovich

Masnaghetti JOSEPH L married 25 Colby st ins agent 9?1 b/2
Massa Dominic married Galena st soft drink parlor g/2 b/I
Massie Arthur C married W Lead st laborer b/I
Massie Napoleon married W Lead st farming & real estate
   Massie Leo 0 student Marquette
Massie Paul N married W Lead st contractor g/l. b/1
Massucco Battisto married Longyear st baker g/1
Matalich Joseph married Ironton loc miner g/4 b/4
Mattaini Peter married Galena st miner g/2
Matteson Arthur J married Longyear st principal of high school g/1 b
Mattrella Louis married Galena st miner g/2
   Mattrella, Ranierio teamster home
   Mattrella Geno not working home
Mattson Ben P married Ironton loc surface worker
Mattson Charles 2nd ave laborer
Mattson John E married W Longyear st flour mill emp g/1
Mattson Leander married Yale loc miner g/2 b/3
   Mattson Matt laborer home
   Mattson Jennie laundry emp home
Mattson Richard B married Gold & Sophie sts painter & decorator g/1 b
Mattson Richard H married Ironton loc blacksmith g/2 b/1
Mattson Victor NV married Silver st clerk b/1
Mattson William Mr Ironton loc lander b/3
   Mattson Walfred not working home
   Mattson Agda housekeeper home
Maunu. Anna Mrs 2nd ave W prop of bath house
Maunu William  married Spring st & 4th ave carpenter & miner
Mautino Frank married Spring st shoe repairer g/1 b/I
     Mautino Maymie clerk home
Mautino Peter married 1st ave W miner g/2 b/1
   Mautino Maymie waitress home
Mautioski Peter Longyear st miner
Mazanec Anton A married Colby Hill engine house emp b/1
   Mazanec Alaois private see Antigo
   Mazanec George cashier home
   Mazanec Anna teacher Two Rivers Wis
   Mazanec Bessie dietician nurse Milwaukee Wis
McCarthy Julia Mrs Silver st housewife g/1 b/1
McDonald Jennie Mrs E Lead st clerk
   McDonald Evelvn student home
McDonald John M married Barber st miner g/1
McKie William R married Peck st timekeeper g/1 b/2
McKinney George married Iron & N Sophie sts retired
McKinney Steel Co mine
McMinn Jennie Iron st postmistress
McMinn J J married 2nd ave switchman g/4 b/2
McMinn William A married Moore st & 3rd ave bookkeeper g/1 b/1
Meagher Joseph married E Mary st Co Road Com emp g/1 b/1
Medlyn Howard J married Silver st laundry emp
Meladeno Boeye married Yale loc miner g/2 b/1
MELANSON ANDREW married Sophie st cafe business g/2
Melanson Mary Mrs Clayburg st housewife
Melanson William laborer home
Melanson Anna housework home
Meleski Ben married E Lead st miner g/1
Melin Oscar married Old Co Road not working
Melin John surface work home
Menara John married Ironton loc miner g/1 b/1
Menarich Mary A Mrs 3rd ave housewife g/1
Menarich John miner home
Menghini Louis V married W Lead st electrician g/2 b/1
Micheal Pauline Sellar st nurse
Michela Dominic Mr Sellar st farmer
   correction: businessman in Bessemer
   correction: "MIchell"a has been corrected to "Michela"
      correctiions  sent by: Dan Michela
Michela Charles student Minneapolis
Michela Lumber and Fuel Co
Michela John married W Lead st merch g/1 b/1
Michelli Joseph M married Longyear st electrician g/2 b/1
Michelli Camille Mrs Beecher st housewife.
Michelli James A prop of soft drink parlor home
Michelli Annie M not working home
Miehelli Joseph M married Longyear st electrician g/2 b/1
Michelli Louis C married Beecher st plumber b/2
Michigan Bell Telephone Co
Mikkola, Oscar married Ironton loc miner g/1
Mikkola, Samuel W married Ironton loc laborer g/2 b/1
Milan John F married W Lead st timekeeper g/l
Mocciardini Peter married Sellar st miner g/1 b/2
Monetti Valentino married Ironton New loc blacksmith b/1
Monti Leon N Sophie st teacher
Morrell Hod Moore st service station emp
Morroni and Morscher store
Moselle John married Colby st surface worker g/1 b/1
Mueller Leo L married Longyear st coal & lumber business g/1 b/1
Mueller Mary E Mrs E Mary st housewife
    Mueller Lucille 0 clerk home
MULLEN RAYMOND J married W Lead st dentist g/2
Murray Henry G married Colby Hill Moore st mine police g/1 b/1
   Murray Mary G teacher Detroit Mich
   Murray James 11 student Superior Wis
   Murray William G student home
Mussati Battista married Moore st farmer g/1
   Mussati Steve factory worker Chicago III
   Mussati Charles laborer home
Mussatto William L married Longyear st mgr of bowling alley b/1
   Mussatto Mary M student Kalamazoo
   Mussatto Katherine B student Kalamazoo

Navascone Felix L married Sellar st surface laborer g/2
       Navascone Mary printing off emp home
       Navascone Frank factory emp Milwaukee
       Navascone James laborer home
       Navascone Paul printing off emp home
       Navascone John student home
NEAULT IRVIN J married Moore st garage mgr b/2
Negri Frank married Sellar st eng g/1
      Negri Olga M home
      Negri Clarence student home
Nelson Carl married 1st ave W miner
Nelson Gustof H married Poor Farm Road painter g/1
Nelson Herman N married Iron & Clayburg sts teamster b/2
Nelson Louis 8 married Peek st laborer
Nemacheck Frank married Barber st eng
Nemacheck Francis student Appleton Wis
      Nemacheck Walter student home
Nemacheck James E married N Sophie st chief clerk b/I
      Nemacheck James painter home
Nespodjony Peter married Clayburg st housemover b/l
Newman Fred Mr 2nd ave mine foreman b/I
      Newman Walter miner home
Newman Maria Mrs 2nd ave W housewife
      Newman John miner home
Newman Herman see laborer Jeffries Wis
Nezworsky Joseph F married Beecher st mechanic g/2
Nichols Theodore Moore st clergyman
Niemi Matt Ironton loc miner
Nolan Leo E married E Lead st ins agent b/5
NOLAN MICHAEL E married lawyer
Northwestern Motor Bus Co
Novakowski Joseph married Clayburg st retired b/l.
Borzah Mary Mrs mother of Mrs Novakowski
Novakowski John married Iron st retired
Novascone Felix married Sellar st miner g/2
      Novascone Mary off emp home
      Novascone Frank student Menominee
      Novascone John student home
      Novascone Paul printer home
      Novascone James laborer home
Nyberg Aimo Mrs Moore st housewife g/2 b/1
Nygosh Victor married Ironton loc miner g/4
           Nygosh Ellen home
Nylund August married 1st ave carpenter g/1
Nylund Jacob 11 miner married Barber st g/2 b/1
      Nylund Marion home
Nyman Alfred married Barber st miner g/2 b/2
Nystrom Elof J married E Lead st prop of creamery

Oberst Minnie Mrs restaurant cook Bessemer b/I
      Oberst Florence off clerk home
Oberst Arthur Grand Rapids
Oberst Fred pop corn wagon Rhinelander
      Oberst William student home
Ochace Louie married Beecher st miner
      Ochace Norbert laboratory emp home
Ochis Joseph married W Mary st grocer g/2
O'Keefe Mary C Longyear st teacher
O'Keefe Michael H married Moore st ins agent g/3 b/2
Oksa Laurie married Ironton loc miner
Oleen John E married Barber st miner g/l.
Oletti Joseph soft drink parlor
Olson Arthur G Longyear st married fireman g/1 b/1
Olson Elizabeth Mrs McDonald st Colby Bill housewife g/1
Olson Fred J married IroutonNew loc tractor driver g/1
Olson Hannah Mrs Moore st housewife
      Olson Carl Clerk home
      Olson Mabel clerical work home
Olson Mary Mrs Sellar st housewife g/l.
Olson Nickolas married Yale loc blacksmith g/2 b/1
     Wife: Stella Olson
     Children: Eino Olson
                     Inie Olson
                     Louise Olson
   (information furnished by L. Keskey

Olson Ole married Yale loc blacksmith
      Olson Lillian linotype opr home
Olson Otto C married Galena st painter
Olson Ralph C married Longyear st contractor g/1 b/1
Olson Swan Mr 1st ave miner g/2
      Olson Irwin Insurance Co emp Detroit Mich
      Olson Luther factory emp Detroit Mich
Olson Walter married Sellar st asst bank cashier
Olszewski Thomas married Iron st pumpman at mine
O'Molley Janet Iron st teacher
Onkka Hubert married Yale loc miner g/1
Osby Edward married Colby loc farmer
Osby Ruth stenographer Chicago III
           Osby Conrad farming home
           Ila John L tunnel worker Washington
Ostella John P married Ironton New loc laborer g/l b/I
Osttella Florence stenographer Ironwood
      Ostella Robert miner home
      Ostella Clarence home
Otto C A married Longyear st salesman ?b/2
Otto Fred Mr Moore st blacksmith
      Otto Louis blacksmith home

Paananen Andrew Mr Sellar st tailor
         Paananen Hjalmer tailor home
Pabisco Thomas Spring st & 4th ave married miner g/3 b/2
Paiemski John Sr Mr Spring st retired g/l
      Paiemski Michael laborer home
      Paiemski Pauline home
Paight Walter married 2nd ave W laborer g/1 b/1
Pajula Edward V married Ironton loc miner g/1 b/2
Paremaki Joseph Spring st laborer
Paremski John 1st ave dryhouse emp
Pascoe Edward G married Colby & Beech sts eng
           Pascoe Elva student home
Patterson Harry E Mary st fire hall emp
Paul Joseph Mr Yale loc miner g/2 b/2
Pawitch Marko Ironton loc miner
Pazdernick John married E Mary & Case sts teamster g/3 b/2
          Pazdernick Mary T accountant Milwaukee Wis
     Pazdernick Joseph L mechanic home
Pecard. Joseph W married Longyear st auto salesman g/2 b/I
Pecard Margaret Mrs E Mary st
          Pecard Service Station
Pelisero Peter 1st ave miner
PELLOW WILLIAM F married Peck st lawyer g/1
Pemberthy James 11 married Yale loc blacksmith
           Pemberthy Roy miner home Pender Yale loc
           Pender Douglas truck driver home
           Pender Florence housemaid home
           Pender Eileen student home
Penglase Margaret E Mrs 1st ave teacher
Peinetti Martin married Longyear st mason
      Peinetti Maymie student Marquette
Perotti Eugenia Mrs Sellar st housewife
Perotti John student Minnesota
      Perotti Marie stenographer home
Pertoly Kiatana Barber St miner
Pertoly Mario Barber st laborer
Pertoly Victor C married Barber st miner g/4 b/z
Perturka Anna Silver st housemaid
Perucca John married W Mary st bake g/2
Pesecarelli Hugo married Yale loc miner g/3 b/1
      Pesecarelli Erma domestic home
Peterson Charles Moore st blacksmith
Peterson Charles F married Ironton loc retired
Peterson Gust married Mine st mason b/5
      Peterson Edith tel opr home
      Peterson Evald student home
Peterson Hedda Mrs 4th ave & Spring st g/l b/1
      Peterson Laino J laborer home
      Peterson Leonard S home
      Peterson Julia drugstore clerk Trout Creek Mich
Peterson John Mr Poor Farm Road dryman b/1
      Peterson Elsie student Ironwood Mich
Peterson Lee married Poor Farm Road foreman at mine g/3 b
      Peterson Lillian domestic County Infirmary
Peterson Ralph R married Ironton loc miner g/l. b/1
Peterson Selma Mrs 1st ave W laundress
Petite Hat Shop
Petranek Charles married N Sophie st laborer g/1
      Petranek Paul teacher Detroit Mich
      Petranek Mary student Milwaukee Wis
      Petranek Peter student Marquette Mich
Petranek Francis Silver st clerk
Petranek Mary Silver st housekeeper
Piazzi Jacob married Case st miner b/1
      Piazzi Irene nurse Chicago Ill
      Piazzi Dora student home
PINKERTON WALTER D married Iron st Doctor
Piper Ella L Mrs Sellar st housewife
Piper James E married Longyear st mine police g/l
      Piper Barbara marceller home
Pohjala Carl V married W Longyear st miner b/2
Pokela John Old Co Road miner
Polerich John married Ironton loc miner g/1 b/1
PoIjack Anna Mrs 1st ave housewife g/1 b/4
Polowitz Frank Ironton loc miner
Polowitz John E married Ironton loc miner g/1
Ponti Bendetta Mrs 2nd ave W housewife g/2 b/l
Popps Dell A married Galena st truck driver g/l b/1
Popps Lowell C married E Mary st drayman g/1 b/I
Popps William married Sophie st drayman g/1 b/1
Poremski John S married Yale loc miner g/3 b/3
      Poremski Anton W student home
Powijba Alexander married Peck st miner g/l
Pozega Paul married Spring st miner g/4 b/4
Pozega Frank factory emp Milwaukee Wis
Pozega Paul married 2nd ave miner g/2 b/1
Pozzar Paul Colby Hill miner
Preseo William F married E Lead st see foreman
      Preseo Thomas L mechanic Chicago Ill
      Presco Walter B soldier Camp Custer
Pretel. Anton married N Sophie st janitor
Preza John married Colby Hill miner g/1 b/1
Pricco Andrew Longyear st baker
Prieco Ernest married Longyear st baker g/1 b/2
Pricco Valentine married Longyear st baker b/3
Probelski Frank J married Clayburg st eng g/3 b/4
      Probelski Edward A student home
Probosky Henry married N Sophie st see foreman b/I
      Probosky William car inspector home
      Probosky John laborer home
Proctor James married 1st ave fireman g/1 b/1
Proctor Sidney married Case st labor foreman g/1 b/2
Proctor Lowell 8 laborer Grand View Hospital
Proft Bernard Sellar st drugstore emp
Provelski John married Silver st retired
Pucelowski Bartone married Iron st laborer g/3 b/3
Punerea Elton married Ironton loc laborer g/1 b/1
Puro Alexander married 1st ave W miner g/2
Puro August 2nd ave clothing agent
Putkela George V married Colby st miner g/3 b/1

Quigley Frank J married Yale loc logging supt g/1 b/1
      Quigley Francis student Rhode Island
      Quigley Genevieve student home

Regis Joseph Sellar st laborer
Rantals, Jack married Ironion loc miner g/1 b1
Rapo John Old Co, Road miner
Rayner Charles M married Colby st station agent b/1
Re Leo married Spring st
Re Pauline L clerk Re Nicholas miner
Rebara Domenic Mary & Moore fits mason helper
REDNER ARTHUR E married Ironton Now loc asst minin supt g/1 b/1
Rego Antonio married Barber st miner g/2 b/1
Reintala, Club Rooms
Rento John married Ironton New loc miner g/1
Rex Theatre Beautiful D Kulasavicz prop
RICE LEVI 8 married Beecher st lawyer
Rice William H married Iron st mechanic b/1
Richards Charles E married Sellar st school principal g/1 b/I
Richardson Edward married Sellar st carpenter b/I
      Richardson Marvin teamster home
Rieta Ida 2nd ave waitress
Riges John married Longyear st pumpman at mine g/1 b/5
Ristoni George W Mary st soft drink parlor emp
Roberts Al ed S married Sellar st mining eng b/1
Roberts Dennis A married Beecher st carpenter & painter
       Roberts Myrtle E student Knoxville Tenn
Nelson Christine M Mrs mother of Mrs Roberts
Roberts Ernest married Ironton New loc electrician g/3
     Roberts Claire home
     Roberts Faythe clerk home
Roberts Fred W married Galena st stationary fireman
      Roberts Dorothy M off emp Canada
ROBINSON ROBERT S married Sellar st druggist g/2.
Robleski Ella Mrs Iron st housewife
      Robleski Rupert W reporter home
Robleski Stanley married Silver st miner g/1 b/1
Roger Henry married Colby & Moore sts minister g/1
      Roger Florence student Albion
Romo Heiska married Poor Farm Road miner b/2
Romstead Audit married Spring st
Ronsil John married Spring st laborer g/2
Rose Richard Sellar st lunch room prop
ROSEMURGY ALEX married E Lead st contractor g/1 b/3
Rosemurgy Stuart A off emp home
        Rosemurgy Ethel E student Marquette
Rouha Matt 2nd ave laborer
Rowett John married Galena st off
      Rowett John Jr deputy game warden home
      Rowett Maude nurse home
          Rowett Verona nurse home
      Rowett Lillian home
Rozek Joseph married Iron st laborer g/4 b/I
Rozek Edward see foreman Waukesha Wis
      Rozek Theresa home
Rozak Sylvester factory emp Waukesha Wis
Rozek Elizabeth convent Milwaukee Wis
Ruikka John R married Ironton loc miner g/2 b/2
Rund August married Longyear st dryman b/1
Rund Evelyn I laundry emp home
      Rund Glenn W home
Rund Melbourne A student home
Rund Charles Mr Sellar st merch
      Rund Arthur automobile business Detroit
      Rund Emma teacher Chicago
      Rund Nan music inst Duluth
      Rund Matilda off emp Chicago
Running Paul married Barber st butcher g/3 b/3
      Running Janet T housework Iron Mountain
Rupp Mary C married Sellar st housewife
Rusala Onnie married Ironton loc laborer
Ryan William C married E Mary st mechanic b/I
Saari Ivar married 2nd ave miner g/1
Saari John A married Ironton loc miner g/2 b/l
Saari John A married 1st ave miner b/3
Saily Edward married Ironton loc mine foreman
Saily Heino married Yale loc miner g/1
Sabitch Nick Ironton loc miner
Salin It Hdwr
Salmi Tilds, S Mrs Old Co Road housewife g/2 b/2
      Salmi William miner home
Salo John Case st miner
Salonen Frank J married Yale loc miner g/1
Samaciya Michael S married Barber st miner g4 b/2
Samols Louis W Mary & Moore sta laborer
Sandwick Emil G married 2nd ave W miner
      Sandwick Ruth W student home
Sandy Jerry married Longyear st retired
Sanitary Bottling Works
Sather Andrew married Iron st carpenter g/2
Savant Frank Longyear st barber
Savells. August P Yale loc laborer
Scavarda John married W Lead st retired g/1 b/1
      Scavarda Charles J Dr Flint Mich
Scavarda Joseph married W Mary st janitor
Scavarda Charles J game warden home
Scavarda Victor P policeman Lansing Mich
Scavarda Dorothy B student Lansing Mich.
      Scavarda Mike soft drink parlor
Scavarda, Peter married Ironton loc mine police g/2 b/1
Schaefer Emil married Sellar st
      Schaefer Ernest veterinary surgeon home
      Schaefer Alfreda E student home
Sehoreaolo Rudolph married Yale loc miner k?1 b/1
Schubert Oil Co
Schweger Mary Mrs E Mary st housewife
      Schweger Anna J off emp home
       Schweger Anton J teamster home
Sciarinni Louis married Sellar st miner b/I
Scuttla. Joseph married Peck st miner
Seaquist Charles J married N Sophie st diamond driller b/I
Sederstrom Oliver married N Sophie st sales?An b/I
Seeke Charles married 2nd ave W miner b/I
        Seeke Walter M soldier Russell Wyoming
      Seeke John V laborer home
      Seeke William pop shop emp home
      Seeke Sylvia V student home
Selin Harris J married Sophie st merch furniture & hdwr
       Selin Cecil teacher home
       Selin Howard clerk home
Selin Bertha student Minnesota
      Selin Golden student home
Sella Domenic married Ironton loc miner g/l b/2
Sella Louis married Ironton loc miner g/1 b/1
Serbin John married 3rd ave W see laborer g/5 b/3
      Serbin John see laborer home ?
      Serbin Louis factory emp Milwaukee
      Serbin Michael home
      Serbin Charles factory emp Milwaukee
Setalla John married C  ase st retired
Shefka Martin married Iron st pipe fitter g/2 b/1
      Shefka John factory emp Chicago
Shefka Michael married Peck st hoisting eng g/3 b/2
Sherman Luther E married Iron st deputy county clerk.
Sherman Hartley W plasterer Ironwood Mich
Sherman Jessie L student Battle
      Sherman Clara L off emp home
Short L W married Barber st tel man b/2
Siermala Emil Old Co Road miner
Sillampa Sandra Mrs 1st ave housewife
      Sillampa John laborer home
      Sillampa Ellen student home
Sillampa Valentine married Colby st miner
Simpko Andrew married Ironton loc miner g/2 b/3
      Simpko George miner home
      Simpko Anns, home
Simpko Michael poster sign emp Minnesota
Sinneich John married Yale loc miner g/2 b/l
Sippola Hans Moore st laborer
Sisters of Notre Dame
      Sister Mary Conradine Iron st teacher
      Sister Mary Cuthbert Superior Iron st teacher
      Sister Mary Fridian Iron st teacher
      Sister Mary Henrietta Iron st teacher
      Sister Mary Ladislas Iron st teacher
      Sister Mary Lioba Iron st teacher
      Sister Mary Lucy Iron st teacher
Skabitz John married Reed's Road eng
      Skabitz John Jr eng home
       Skabitz Lucas eng home
Skagen Oluf married Silver st mason g/5 b/1
SKUD EIMER married Mary st merch
SKUD GOLDMAN and dry goods
SKWOR ADOLPH married Iron st butcher g/2 b/2,
SKWOR RAYMOND married N Sophie at g/1
Skytta Oscar married 4th ave Colby Hill miner b/2
Sloma Stanley M married Iron st g/6 b/4
Smith Lucille R Mrs Sellar st housewife g/1
Snyder Jacob married Colby loc miner
Soffietti Battista, married Colby Hill miner g/2 b/2
Soffietti Joseph married Galena st miner b/3
Solberg Carl L married Sellar st merch
Solberg Whitford asst probate judge home
Solberg Melvin merch home
Solberg R married Ironton loc surface emp g/1
Solmi John Mr 2nd ave laborer g/1
Somppi William M married Ironton loc eng b/I
Sophio Racco married Longyear st miner g/3 b/3
Sophio Philemena A student Milwaukee
Sorensen George A married Ironton loc eng g/3
?Spagnoletti Antone married Colby st surface emp g/2 b/I
        Spagnoletti Alphonso student home
Sparapani E Gedio Colby st truck driver
Sparapani George married E Lead fit traffic off
Spenerdi Felix married W Mary st prop of soft drink parlor
Springhettii  John married Longyear st postal clerk g/1 b/l
Stancha Joseph married Colby st miner g/1 b/1
Stanlake Elizabeth Mrs Yale loc housewife g/3 b/I
      Stanlake Frank home
Stenback Frank S married Sellar st clerk g/3
      Stenback Eila A teacher Calumet
STEVENS CHARLES E married N Sophie st physician & surgeon g/1
Stevens Joseph L married Longyear st carpenter foreman g/1
St John George Jr married N Bessemer twsp farmer g/1 b/I
St John George Sr Mr N Bessemer twsp teamster
      St John Edith home
St John John Mr N Bessemer twsp
Stoelchek George married Silver st laborer
      Stoelchek Alexander home
      Stoelchek Dora home
Stonemark Ida Mrs Spring st housewife
      Stonemark Jennie home
Strand Jack S married Yale loc eng
Strelchek Nick married Moore st barber g/1 b/2
Strelchek Peter R married Silver st laborer b/I
Strom Mary W Mrs Iron st register of deeds
      Strom Ada teacher home
      Strom Ina student Chicago
Svers Bruno R married Ironton loc miner g/2
Summerton Ruth N Sophie st teacher
Sundquist Alma Mrs Sophie st housewife
      Sundquist Clarence teamster home
Sundquist John A married E Longyear st clerk g/8 b~l
Suomi Armias Mrs 4th ave Colby Hill masseur, g/1
       Suomi Charles V farming Mass City
       Suomi Albo farming Mass City
Superezynski Francis Mrs Moore st housewife
Superezynski Margaret laundry emp home
      Superezynski Bernard see laborer home
Superezynski George married Moore st policeman g/1 b/2
Superezynski Mary Mrs Galena st housewife
      Superczynski Walter butcher home
      Superczynski Stanley Marquette
       Superczynski Josephine tel opr Green Bay
      Superezynski Felix truck driver home
      Superezynski Wilham sec laborer home
      Superezynski Joseph home
      Superezynski Clara home
      Superczynski Carl home
Swanson Charles A married E Lead st salesman g/l. b/2
      Swanson Carl L asst cashier home
Swanson George A factory emp La Crosse Wis
Swanto Otto Moore st surface worker
Swara Jacob F married Moore st laborer
      Swara Mary A home
Swedberg Albert married Yale loc clerk g/l. b/l.
Swedberg Charles P married Longyear st retired
      Swedberg John eng home
Swoboda C F Rev Iron st Priest of St Sebastian Church

Takala. August married Spring st & 4th ave salesman g/2 b/1
Tampio Charles married Galena st b/3
Tarkel John married 2nd ave W miner g/2 b/4
Tannheimer Alois C married Yale loc miner g/4 b/3
Tapio John 2nd ave miner
Tarnaski Frank married Iron st miner g/3 b/4
Tarnaski Walter married E Lead st miner g/2 b/4
      Tarnaski Helen home
Tasopulos Hercules W Longyear st see foreman
Tekali Susan Mrs Galena st housewife
      Tekali Charles miner home
      Tekali George laborer Grand Rapids
Tekla Louis married E Mary st mine motorman b/l.
Tekla Michael married E Lead st electrician g/2
Tesainer Basilio W Mary st miner
TEW W Ellwood married Dr Sophie st
Thebert F T married W Lead st business man g/l. b/I
       Adrian J student Milwaukee Wis
Thomasini Bruno E married Galena st miner g/3 b/2
Thompson John E married Ironton loc miner g/1
Thors John married 4th ave farmer
        Thors Anna teacher Pontiac
       Thors Arvid laborer home
       Thors Edith teacher home
Todd William Longyear st ins agent b/l.
Toikka John married Ironton New loc laborer
Tolvanen Charles married Ironton loc miner g/1 b/2
Torrell Otto Mrs Sophie st cafe & bakery
       Torrell Wilner baker home
Torrell Carl student Ann Arbor Mich

Torni Charles J married 3rd ave W laborer b/2
      Torni Charles A miner home
Torro John married 1st ave salesman b/I
Torzewisk Paul married Iron st carpenter
Trappa Wm married Peck st miner g/2
Trevarthen Jack married Ironton New loc chemist g/1 b/l.
Trevarthen Thomas married Ironton New loc hoisting eng g/2
Trier John married Clayburg st switchman g/1 W
Turpinen Hjalmer married 1st ave logger g/1
Ulvinen Hjalmer married 1st ave laborer b/1
United Italian Realty Society Club Rooms
Urushian Joseph married 1st ave W miner g/1

Varalli Charles married Galena st
      Varalli John taxi driver home
      Varalli Rena teacher Dunbar Wis
Vara Rayda married Ironton loc carpenter g/3 b/2
Varda Frank married W Mary st baker g/1 b/1
Velin Conrad P married 2nd ave merch b/2
Velin Julius B married Sellar st farmer b/1
      Velin Earling A bookkeeper home
      Velin Hugo U teamster home
      Velin Verner H student Ann Arbor
Versecky John married Ironton loc miner g/4 b/1
       Versecky John Jr home
Veslock Michael married Sophie st janitor
Viecelli Joseph married Longyear st miner
Vigo Maymie N Sophie st. teacher
Vispi Henry A married Galena st miner b/1
      Vispi Elvira G student home
      Vispi Arnold teamster home
Vivian James D married Sellar st purchasing agent
      Vivian Marjory student Ann Arbor
Vogtlin Margretta Mrs Moore st housewife g/1
Vohlkinen Matt 2nd ave laborer
Voitala Michael married Ironton loc miner g/1 b/1
Vomastek Anna Mrs Longyear st
Vomastek George L married Gold st off emp g/2
Vomastek Louis F married 2nd ave cashier g/2 b/I
VUKOVICH EMIL married N Sophie st garage prop N W Bus g/2 b/1
VUKOVICH GEORGE A married Silver st garage prop N W Bus b/1
Vukovich Marko married Beecher st contractor b/2 g/1

Wagner Caroline Mrs Clayburg st housewife
      Wagner Natalie teacher Ramsay
      Wagner William surface boss home
      Wagner Caroline dramatic teacher Garey Ind
      Wagner Eva teacher Chicago
      Wagner Jack mechanic Riverside California
Wainio Nestor married Yale loc salesman g/2
Walkowski John married Ironton loc miner g/3 b/3
Warasu. Paul married Ironton loc miner g/2 b/2
Watters William married Sellar st
      Watters Lorraine A off emp home
Watters George W mgr novelty dept Detroit
Webber Andrew R married Old Co Road miner g/3 b/3
       Webber Fred laborer home
       Webber Doris domestic Evanston III
       Webber Walter miner home
       Webber Hector timber lander home
       Webber Marjorie home
Webber Eckner Mrs E Mary st housewife
Webber Frank Mr Peck st
      Webber Frank Jr laborer home
Webber Joseph married E Mary st miner
Webber William A married Ironton loc laborer b/1
Weiss Curt A married Ironton loc miner g/1
Weiss Herman J married E Lead st blacksmith b/2 g/1
Westan William W married Beecher st factory emp Detroit g/1
Western Union Telegraph Co
Westin Oliver P married Ironton loc electrician b/1
Wigg Alfred married 2nd ave laborer
      Wigg William laborer home
      Wigg John A eng home
      Wigg Anna home
      Wigg Victor home
Wiinikka John G 2nd ave W miner
Wilezewski Alexander married Silver st miner g/1 b/2
Williams Frank married 4th ave & Spring tit g/1
Williams Henry H married 1st ave W laborer
      Williams Herman P miner home
      Williams Alice M home
Williams Maude A Mrs Sellar st saleslady g/2
Wl MUMS SAMUEL JT married W Lead st bank cashier
Williams Clyde student home
Williamson Richard G married Beecher st fireman g/3 b/1
Wilson John A married W Lead st mechanic g/l b/2
Wilson Katherine N Sophie st teacher
WINKLER CARL F married W Lead st Co Highway eng
Winkowski Andrew married Sophie st mechanic
       Winkowski Barbara home
Winkowski Edward married Silver st switchman g/1 b/2
      Winkowski Edward Jr home
Winkowski George F married Silver st engine house emp g/3 b/3
Winkowski Jake married Moore st miner b/2
Winkowski Steve married Gold st electrician asst
Winkowski Agnes factory emp Milwaukee
Winkowski Emil Milwaukee
Winkowski Leo laborer Milwaukee
Winkowski Walter Moore st laborer
Wirtanen John married Barber st miner b/1
Wodrazka Antone T married Colby st teaman b/3 g/2
           Wodrazka Joseph home
           Wodrazka. Antone farmer Mukwonaga
,Wojehichowski Valentine married Clayburg st teamster b/3
          Wojehichowski Marion florist home
          Wojehichowski Joseph student home
          Wojehichowski Walter student home
Wolfe Matt married Silver st miner g/2 b/2
Wrobleski Peter married Iron st mining clerk g/1
Wycoski John married W Lead st miner g/1 b/1
      Wycoski Joseph laborer Detroit
      Wycoski Raymond laborer Detroit
      Wycoski Stella student Detroit
      Wyoski Antone student home
      Wycoski John Jr home
Wydetie Peter married Case st electrician b/1

Youngberg Oscar G married Clayburg st motorman b/1
Youngstown Steel and Tube Co

Zanan Joseph married Longyear st miner g/1 b/1
Zaviezki Louis married Moore st farmer g/2 b/4
      Zaviezki Annie milliner Duluth
           Zaviezki Valentine emp at newspaper plant Milwaukee
           Zaviezki Alexander factory emp Flint
           Zaviezki Edwin warehouse emp Flint
           Zaviezki Lawrence ranchman West
           Zaviezki Raymond teamster home
Zedra Camilo married Longyear st miner

Jarvi Hjalmer J married 1st ave laborer g/1 b/2.
Jasawick George married W Lead st miner g/1 b/2
   Jasawick Charles J home
   Jasawick Walter waiter home
Jelich John married Yale loc miner g/3 b/2
   Jelich George F laborer home
Jenetti Peter married Sellar st miner b/3
Jervala Augnst married Ironton loc miner b/2
Jezek Joseph married Moore st clerk g/l
Jezek Peter married Silver st laborer
    Jezek Charles mgr of store home
    Jezek James surveyor home
    Jezek George apprentice at drug store home
    Jezek Leonard clerk home
    Jezek Elsie Janda student home
Jiacbetti Louis married Sellar st miner
Johns Alex married Sellar st
Johnson Adolph married Spring st farmer
   Johnson Arthur farmer home
   Johnson Ethel home
   Johnson Ivar dentist West Allis Wis
   Johnson August laborer home
   Johnson Florence student Marquette
Johnson Alex E married Yale loc miner
   Johnson Bernard student home
   Johnson Sadie stenographer Duluth Minn
   Johnson Sylvia home
Johnson Alfred married Spring st laborer
Johnson Alfred V married Sophie st farmer
   Johnson Clara music teacher home
Johnson August married Mine st & 2nd ave carpenter g/1 b/2
Johnson Carl A married W Lead st pumpman
   Johnson Amelia teacher home
   Johnson Edith teacher Detroit
   Johnson Margaret dentist asst home
Johnson Charles W married Sellar st street com g/1 b/1
   Johnson Leonard W bank teller Chicago
   Johnson George A salesman home
Johnson Emily J Mrs Galena st housewife g/2
   Johnson Lillian L clerk Milwaukee
   Johnson Ina E typist Milwaukee
   Johnson Vienna C teacher asst home
Johnson Frank K married Ironton New loc miner b/2
Johnson Harry married Moore st barber b/1
Johnson James Moore st laborer
JOHNSON JOHN R married Longyear st furniture hdwr merch g/1
   Johnson Alice J teacher Cuba City Wis
   Johnson Reuben W student Marquette
JOHNSON JOHN W Moore st married sheriff g/2 b/1
Johnson Motor Co garage
Johnson Otto married Reeds Road farmer
   Johnson Alfred laborer home
   Johnson Gustof laborer home
   Johnson Mable home
   Johnson Ivar laborer home
   Johnson Leonard farmer home
Johnson Vendla Sellar st housekeeper
Johnson Verner W married Iron st laborer b/1
Johnson Victor J married 3rd ave W laborer g/2 b/2
   Johnson Hulda I factory emp Detroit
   Johnson Mable home
   Johnson Esther off emp Detroit
   Johnson Ena home
Johnson. Walter A married Longyear st mechanic
Jorma Verner 2nd ave miner
Juazzoni Carlo married Sellar st miner
   Juazzoni Julius home
Juback Vincent married 1st ave W
Juliane Celia C married Longyear st g/l b/2
Juntunen Mary K Mrs Barber st housewife b/2
   Juntunen John laborer home
Justes Andrew married Yale loc laborer g/1 b/4